How to Wake Up Early Morning

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

How to Wake Up Early Morning– the struggle is real! Wake up early and you have the whole long day at your disposal. is real.Some of us have trouble sleeping while others have trouble getting up.Usually, it’s the person who can’t sleep early is the one who can’t get up an early.No matter which category you fit in, here are some pointers on how to sleep well and get up early.

  # 30 min rule

Start by getting up at least 30 minutes earlier than your usual time.If you get up at 8, start by getting up at 7:30.Remember not to snooze! Else the whole purpose of getting up will become a total fail.

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  # Sleep early

 Yes, you definitely need to sleep early to get up early.You can’t expect to sleep at 3 in the morning and get up at 7, all ready to face the day.So follow the old early to bed, early to rise rule. 

# Do not sleep with your blinds drawn

Much important as it is to sleep in a comfortable environment, it is equally important to feel uncomfortable in order to get up.A comfortable environment like a dark room and cozy bed will make you want to sleep more.So it’s important to open your curtains before so sleep so that the first thing that hits your face in the morning is the bright sunlight and believe me nothing is more uncomfortable than that.

  # Stay away from gadgets

 whether it is a tempting game or just checking your Facebook account- don’t do it before you sleep because then you can give up all dreams of being an early bird.Time flies when you are on social media or your favorite mobile game thus extending your sleep time.You will never know how those 10 minutes convert into an hour or two.

  # Cut out caffeine- No caffeine after 7!

And that’s a strict rule.Caffeine doesn’t allow you to sleep early and a midnight owl can never expect to be the first one to get up.The best thing to do here is to reduce your coffee intake especially after 7!

  #The best tip of all.

Make up your mind that you really want to get up. There is nothing that works like a Good mindset.If you really want it you will manage to get it somehow.


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Meghal January 29, 2018 - 10:57 AM

Great tips ??
I am an early riser these days

Sreeparna Ganguly January 29, 2018 - 1:28 PM

The tips are going to be perfect for me.. I am trying to be an early riser..