Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 49 Review

by Nikhita Ferreira
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 49 Is For those looking for a bold shade that is pink with a hint of magenta.

Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 49


INR 550 for 1.8gm

My experience with the Inglot Freedom System Lipstick 49


So the packaging of the Freedom System Lipstick is very typical. It comes in a magnetic pan that is placed in a black box. The box has all the necessary details and the back of the pan mentions the shade number and quantity. Most refill products come in this form.


The shade 49 is one bold color that is a beautiful pink with a hint of magenta. The exact shade is hard to describe though. It really stands out and looks beautiful. It has a glossy effect to it.


The pigments in this particular shade are super strong. One swipe of it and it really stands out.


The texture of the lipstick is really creamy which makes the application very easy. Even if the lips haven’t been moisturized well, it will go only very smoothly.

Staying Power

The staying power is good and lasts for a long time. However though, it may not stay on perfectly post a meal, there will be a little fade-age through the center of the lips.


Now I’m going to be very honest… I really love this shade, but it does tend to spread a bit. It’s of creamy texture and has a bit of gloss to it and because of that, it can spread easily.


INR 550 for a lipstick is quite average according to it. Even drugstore products cost about that much.

What do I like?
  1. Strong pigment
  2. Bold shade
  3. Smooth texture
  4. Easy application
  5. Affordable
What do I not like?
  1. Not smudge proof.
  2. Fades after a meal.
Would I repurchase & recommend?

Yes, I would. I’m obsessed with this shade, it’s gorgeous!

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Apoorwa verma September 10, 2018 - 7:17 PM

I too loved the shade ????only prblm I felt is its application ??? nice review nikhita ❤️

Sreeparna Ganguly September 11, 2018 - 3:17 PM

A shade to be obsessed????
I don’t wear magenta lipsticks as I feel they would make me look overly made up but this is a cool shade..