Is Orange Juice Good For Health ?

by Pallavi Bose
2 minutes read

Is Orange Juice Good For Health? : Orange is loaded with vitamin C and vitamin C is extremely beneficial for our health. In spite of knowing this truth, we might not like oranges. Many of us maintain a safe distance from oranges because they don’t like the taste or flavor. So, how about consuming orange in the liquid form. At least there is a plus side to it that it will be consumed within seconds which is not the case with orange fruit.

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Let’s have a look at why should we consume orange juice and convince the orange haters to drink this juice every day –
  1. Immunity Booster – The vitamin C content in orange juice is what makes it extremely desirable. We all know that vitamin C works as an immunity builder which protects against the weather flu and viruses.
  2. Skin – Antioxidants are your skin’s best friend. And orange is loaded with antioxidants. So, bring that shine and radiance in your skin back with orange juice.
  3. Weight loss –Orange juice is quite low in terms of calories and it has zero fat content as well. So, how about gulping that glass of juice down which will help you to get into your dream little black dress.
  4. Stronger Bones – Orange juice is extremely high in calcium. And we all have been studying in our books that for healthy bones you need loads of calcium.
  5. Kidney Stones – Orange Juice is rich in citrate. And Citrate is required to break kidney stones in your body. Thus, orange juice is advised even by doctors to patients who have kidney stones.
  6. Heart – Orange juice is known to reduce hypertension. And thus it contributes towards your healthier heart.
  7. Maintains Blood pressure – orange juice is known to regulate and stabilize your blood pressure. Thus, if you are suffering from low or high blood pressure then orange juice is a boon for y

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