Johnsons Active Kids Clean and Fresh Shampoo Review

by Apoorwa Verma
2 minutes read

Who is it for? Johnsons Active Kids Clean and Fresh Shampoo is a mild formulation that has been developed to boost natural shine and help reduce frizz, leaving hair silky, smooth and healthy looking.

Johnsons Active Kids Clean And Fresh Shampoo


Rs. 95 for 100 ml

Sensitive skin alert?


My experience with Johnsons Active Kids Clean and Fresh Shampoo


It comes in a blue coloured bottle with dark blue colour cap in it. Sturdy, leak proof and royal packing!


Shampoo is pale blue in colour. It’s runny in consistency.


It has very mild and pleasant fragrance.

My experience 

I love this shampoo for sure, but with the fact that it’s very sensitive. Little quantity is sufficient to get that desired wash only in case of non oily hairs. If you are one who prefers oiling hair pre wash then you will be ending this bottle of 100 ml within two washes. It smells is very refreshing and stays for long, the best part! This bottle of 250 ml is not at all going to last for long. This shampoo is made for kids and seems to be perfect for them.

What all I like? 
  1. Refreshing fragrance
  2. Reasonable price
  3. Provides enough hydration
  4. Travel friendly and royal packaging
  5. Does not lead to hair fall
  6. Good for sensitive and dry hairs
  7. Lathers well
  8. Perfect for kids
What all I don't like?
  1. Not suitable for oily hairs
  2. Large quantity is required for single wash
Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

Get this and you will love it if you want to have sensitive wash for your hairs that too without oil.

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