Johnson’s Baby Lotion Review

by Somya Agarwal
2 minutes read

Who is it for? Johnson’s Baby lotion is a lotion for babies and can also be used by adults for their skin. It leaves your skin soft and smooth. It provides light moisturization for adults.

Johnson's Baby Lotion

Price ?

INR 45-/- for 50ml.

How to apply?

Apply gently over the entire body.

My experience with Johnson’s Baby Lotion

Packaging :

This is the new packaging. It comes in a transparent plastic bottle. The packaging is quite travel friendly.

Color and Texture :

The lotion is not completely white in color, it has a tint of pink in it. It is very smooth in texture and not very thick in consistency.

Fragrance :

It has the regular Johnson smell which is so pleasant that I feel like smelling it all day long.

Staying Power and Mositurization :

It provides descent moisturization and makes the skin soft and smooth. It stays for good 4-5 hours on your skin.

Experience :

Even though it is a baby lotion i’ve been using this on my face for a long time. It makes my face soft and smooth. It does not feel sticky or heavy at all on the skin. It hasn’t caused any breakouts on my skin. But it does not have long lasting effects for adults. My face feels dry as soon as I wash it.

My cousin who is just one year old uses this and it keeps him moisturized all day long. Baby lotions are specially manufactured thinking of baby’s skin and so they do not provide heavy moisturization for adults.

Pros :
  1. Leaves skin soft.
  2. Does not feel sticky.
  3. Does not cause breakouts.
  4. Has a pleasant fragrance.
  5. Works well for babies.
Cons :
  1. Provides light moisturization for adults.
Would I recommend / repurchase?

It is amazing for babies. For adults if you are looking something with light moisturization for your face and body you can purchase this.

Overall Rating: 4/5

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