Juicy Chemistry Rose Water Review

by Shagun Sehgal
4 minutes read

Who is it for? Juicy Chemistry Rose Water is supposed to hydrate and nourish one’s oily or dull skin. Rose water helps the skin by soothing and get rid of the redness especially during the summer heat.

Juicy Chemistry Rose Water


Rs 450 for 100 ml

How to use
  1. Close your eyes and spray the water on the face.
  2. If you wish to get rid of the grime and makeup, soak a cotton pad with the rose water and wipe away.
Any sensitivity alert?


My experience with The Juicy Chemistry Rose Water


The rose water comes in a dark brown square bottle which has a spray covered by a plastic cap. The packaging aptly lists all the ingredients and how to use the product. The compact size and wel fitting cap makes it travel friendly.


The rose water has a very pleasant rose fragrance which is close to the fragrance of real roses than the fake ones in many rose water. The fragrance of the water lasts for an hour to two hours post which it disappears.

Spray and Feel

The spray disperses the toner perfectly on the face and neck. The product refreshes the face and acts as an energizer with it’s fresh and floral fragrance.


I absolutely love how my skin feels post using this mist. Even though this one is for normal to dry skin, the toner makes my dry skin feel fresh and hydrated.

As rose water is supposed to balance the skin’s pH and has anti-inflammatory properties, the rose water helps me with redness during the summers and soothes my irritated skin.

What do I like about this?
  1. The rose water helps with my redness and irritated skin
  2. Can be used as both- a toner and facial water
  3. It gives a boost of hydration on the go
  4. The product has a natural scent rather than the fake rosy smell
  5. Easy to use and travel-friendly
  6. Affordable for a natural product
  7. Contains no preservatives, chemicals, and additives
What don’t I like?
  1. Has an expiration period of one year
  2. People who do not like the rose fragrance may not like the product
Would I repurchase or recommend?

This is definitely a must try for anyone who is looking for a good quality rose water which can be used as a makeup remover and a facial spray on the go. It is an amazing product which ideal for the summers.

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