Ketoclean Anti-Dandruff Specialist Shampoo Review

by Rabia Khan
2 minutes read

Who is it for? Ketoclean Anti-Dandruff Specialist Shampoo is for people suffering from constant dandruff woes. At a very easy cost price, It goes a long way in combating the problem of dandruff. Suffering from dandruff can often take a person’s social life off track as it often leads to humiliation in social gatherings. One of my neighbors who hails from the Northern side of India recommended the bottle to me. My life has changed ever since I purchased it.

Ketoclean Anti-Dandruff Specialist Shampoo


Rs.150 for 100ml.


Use it on wet hair, work up a lather, keep it on for some time, preferably for two to three minutes, then rinse. The hair comes squeaky clean, the scalp tingling fresh and each strand of hair, soft and manageable. It also has a pleasing odour and is gentle on the senses.

My Experience with Ketoclean Anti-Dandruff Specialist Shampoo


The packing of Ketoclean anti-dandruff specialist shampoo is eye grabbing and fits perfectly in a handbag. It comes in a handy and travels friendly bottle, so one can carry it when traveling. The packing is unlike other shampoos.


Make sure to try the shampoo for several days before coming to a perfect conclusion.


The color of the shampoo is soft strawberry, also not usually seen in most shampoos. The texture of Ketoclean shampoo comes in the liquid form and has a slightly thick texture to it. It also has a little sticky form at the same time.


The fragrance of the shampoo carries sweet and a soft aroma like that of rosemary and tangy sherbet.


After turning down endless bottles of anti-dandruff shampoos, my experience with Ketoclean has been amazing. I am more confident now knowing my hair looks neat and elegant. The frizz has gone and so has the irritating itchy scalp. I wholeheartedly recommend this shampoo for people suffering from dandruff. The price is an added advantage since high-end shampoos are most costly.

What I liked about this product.
  1. Easy to handle.
  2. Mild but very effective.
  3. Not harsh while and after applying on the scalp.
  4. The aroma is pleasing and fresh.
Will I Recommend it?

I wholeheartedly recommend this product to all who suffer from dandruff.


Rating: 5/5


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