Khadi Neem Tea Tree Face Wash Review

by Disha Basnet
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Who is it for? Khadi Neem Tea Tree Face Wash fights acne and impurities and gives a natural glow to the skin. Also, it has all the major ingredients to fight acne, remove excess oil in the skin as Neem has antibacterial properties and tea tree lightens the marks of pimples. It is suitable for oily skin and combination skin types.

Quantity and price:

210 ml for 250 Rs

Sensitive skin alert?


Khadi Neem Tea Tree Face Wash

My experience with Khadi Neem Tea Tree Face Wash

Colour and texture:

It is a transparent gel based face wash which is light green in color. The smell is not so strong and has hints of lime and Neem. One drop is enough and does not lather much as it is soap free but the person might feel that he might need more of the product because of this but it is not the case. It is a bit runny but that doesn’t make it a bad product, on the contrary, I like the consistency as it comes out of the bottle effortlessly without any force required.


It comes in a transparent plastic bottle and black cap. The package is average but not too bad according to its price. The product won’t leak but is not be travel-friendly because of its size and a smaller version isn’t available in markets. It comes sealed with plastic when bought and is sturdy and not of poor quality.

My Experience: 

Oily skin has been thought of as a curse by all the people as it results in acne, open pores, and blackheads. But on the contrary, it might be a boon as oily skin remains moisturized all the time so delays the sign of aging that is that the skin will be less prone to pimples. But the problem arises when the excess sebum causes pimples and acne so we need a proper blend and combination of ingredients in our cleanser to help fight the problem, as cleanser forms the basic foundation of a skincare routine. So I will be reviewing the Khadi Neem and Tea tree face wash.

I have really oily skin and I was really excited to get my hands in this bottle as it is an herbal product. I feel really refreshing and it does feel like the impurities like dirt are been removed. It successfully removes oil but does not feel too much dry and a bit of moisturizer after it would make you feel good. I use it twice daily. It is also suitable to remove makeup with two applications. It does not give new pimples and has made my skin healthy but has not done a lot for the marks in two months.

What do I like about this face wash?
  1. Good sturdy packaging and not of cheap quality
  2. SLS and Parabens free which is good as both of these have been linked to cancer and other diseases
  3. Reasonable price so pocket-friendly
  4. Herbal product
  5. Not much product is needed
  6. Removes excess oil leaving skin feeling fresh
What I dislike about this face wash?
  1. Does not foam so people might use more of the product
  2. Not travel-friendly because of the size
  3. Not suitable for people with dry skin
  4. Does not work on active pimple and scars

Would I repurchase or recommend?

It is really reasonably priced as compared to other herbal products and I find it similar to body shop tea tree and salicylic acid cleanser which is on the expensive end. I would definitely repurchase it because it did make my skin healthy looking. Overall, I find it good in accordance to its price and a must try for all the oily skin people.

Rating: 4.5/5

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