Khadi Neem Tulsi Face Wash Review

by Anindita Sinha
4 minutes read

Who is it for?  Khadi Neem Tulsi Face wash is Anti-Acne and it clears pimple. It smoothes skin, prevents premature aging and has also got some healing properties. It moisturizes dry or crumbled pores or skin.

PRICE- Rs. 175.00 for 210ml



Khadi Neem Tulsi Face wash

My Experience With Khadi Neem Tulsi Face Wash


The Face-wash comes in a clear bottle with a flip open mouth. It is packed with a sturdy packet at the beginning. Towards the mouth, there is an additional stopper with helps to take out the exact quantity of the product required.


It a bright green colored product which comes in a  gel-based format. It has got a minty smell, somewhat a mixture of neem and tulsi. It also produces a good amount of lather. It always feels fresh after using the face-wash due to its mint nature. It removes the oil from the face and gives a fresh look to the skin.


As already mentioned it smells somewhat a mixture of neem and tulsi. It also gives a mint effect. It is an ayurvedic Face-wash and therefore any strong smell cannot be expected at all.


Khadi  Natural  Neem&Tulsi face-wash is something which I bought for myself a couple of weeks back. It is really worth telling, perhaps the best product I  have ever come across. This product keeps the words it says. It helps to keep the skin blemish free and tightens the skin. The face-wash should be used at least twice a day followed a toner and a  moisturizer. Perhaps  I  think Rosewater acts as an amazing toner for all types of skin and keeps the skin hydrated all throughout the day. One important point to be noted is that the result of this facewash will be visible only after its usage for one-two weeks. Well, it depends.

My skin has personally seen a lot of changes. The blemishes are now gone. It keeps my skin glowing all throughout the day. Would suggest everyone use this product.

What  Do  I  Like  About  This  Face-Wash?

  1. Its fresh smell gives a soothing effect to my skin. It also gives freshness to my face.
  2. It  removes  the  excess  oil  from  the  face  and balances  the  dryness  and
  3. Neem is  a very  powerful  agent  which  balances  the  amount  of oil  and  also  removes  pimples  and  acne from  the
  4. Moreover, the price at which this amazing product is available is really pocket-friendly.

What I Dislike About This Face-Wash? 

  1. After using the face-wash, moisturizing is necessary. Without moisturizing, the skin becomes very dry.
  2. Burning/ tingling sensation on application.
  3. Not suitable  for  very  dry                                                                             

Would I Repurchase Or Recommend?

This is really a good buy. I would like to repurchase this product again and again. I would also highly recommend this product as this product will definitely bring a change in a good way to the skin.

RATING-  4.8/5         

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