Kiko Milano Lengthening Top Coat Mascara Review

by Nandini Kumar
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Kiko Milano Lengthening Top Coat Mascara is handy for those of you who want healthy looking lashes that appear longer and fluffier without putting on any false lashes.


This top coat mascara retails for Rs. 850.

How to use

You need to apply any mascara that you usually use after you are done applying your mascara directly apply it over your lashes and around the tips of your lashes. Apply as many coats as you desire to achieve the volume you want.

Kiko Milano Lengthening Top Coat Mascara

My Experience with Kiko Milano Lengthening Top Coat Mascara


The Mascara comes packed in a cardboard box.

Texture and color

It comes in deep black shade. The Lash Concentrate contains rayon fibers and only comes is a washable formula.

Has no fragrance.


My experience with this mascara has been great. This Mascara has become my go-to mascara since the first time I started using it. This Lash Concentrate voluminizes and lengthens your lashes by 72% which is great, it gives instant voluminous and long looking lashes. The application of this mascara is extremely easy due to the wand that it comes with.

The wand allows you to apply an even coat of the formula and helps in adding length to the tips of your lashes because of its spherical shape. This mascara glides on easily on your lower lashes as well without falling out or creasing you’re under eye area, giving you healthier looking lashes with zero residues or product on your lids or under eye area.


  1. The mascara is easily available, in stores and online.
  2. Easy application
  3. Zero fall out of the product even after hours of application
  4. This gives you hassle-free removal of the product and doesn’t stick to your eyes.
  5. The formula of the mascara is extremely light; it does not make your lashes feel heavy at all.
  6. shows instant volume and length in a single coat.
  7. The mascara doesn’t clump your lashes at all and separates each lash from the other.


  1. Only comes in the washable formula.
  2. Only comes in one shade.
  3. Other brands selling false lash mascaras have a lower price range.

Will I recommend this product?

Yes, I would definitely recommend this Mascara to anyone looking for false lash mascara because despite being a little pricey this product is great and definitely adds definition to your lashes giving you fuller looking lashes.

Author Rating

4 stars.

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