LA Girl Lip Balm Rome Red Review

by Somya Satija
2 minutes read

Who is it for? LA Girl Lip Balm Rome Red is for people with dry lips which cannot stand matte lipsticks.

LA Girl Lip Balm Rome Red


INR 225 for 3.9gm

My experience with LA Girl Lip Balm Rome Red


It comes in a color coded bullet form. The balm protrudes out of the tube so one has to be careful while closing the cap.


It looks red when it is in the tube but on lips vary from light pink to dark pink. When swiped once it gives a nice rosy pink color. But when swiped multiple times it gives pinkish red color.


Kinda fruity.

My Experience:

Even though the name is Rome Red it is not a true red. It is more of a light pink when swiped once. Multiple swipes gives a nice deep pinkish red color. It does not contain glitter but gives the regular lip balm shiny effect. This color would look good on all skin tones. I purchased this shade as this can easily substitute lipstick on a dry lips day.

The staying power isn’t great. It would last about 2 hours without a meal. This won’t fade entirely and a little would still be left.

I don’t think this would heal chapped lips.

Also, the cap becomes loose after some time and it just won’t shut.

What I like about this lip balm:
  1. Enough Pigmented
  2. Smooth texture
  3. Variety of shades available
  4. Light
  5. Color-coded packaging
  6. Inexpensive
What I dislike about this lip balm:
  1. Packaging is not sturdy
  2. Transfers a lot
  3. Low staying power
  4. The balm does not go all the way in.
Will I repurchase?

It was an okay product for me. There are better lip balms out there.



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