Lakme Kajal Review – You Remember This Original Thick Stick Kajal ?

by Meghna Yadav
5 minutes read

A big hello to all pretty ladies out there! Today I will review Lakme Kajal, the original Lakme thick stick Kajal and will share my views with you all. When it comes to Kajal, for me it is that important thing, which without applying I do not even step out of my home. It is an indispensable makeup product for every woman. Regardless of the age, it is loved by all females. No matter what your skin tone and body type are, Kajal will enhance your appearance by beautifying your already gorgeous eyes.

Here is a short story how I came to terms with ‘Lakme Thick Stick Kajal’. Nearly six months back I went to a sho to buy ‘Lakme Iconic Kajal’ but the product was not available at that time. I only wanted the Kajal of Lakme brand I was familiar with the other products of the brand and they suited me very well. It was a little late and most of the shops were shut. That was the time the shopkeeper advised me to go for ‘Lakme Thick Stick Kajal’ as it was the only black Kajal available for the brand I wanted. I was reluctant but I took it just for the reason I had no choice.

I went home and I had to rush for my friend’s birthday party who stayed next door. It was a house party so I was a bit relaxed. I got ready and applied the Kajal and in a hurry went for her birthday celebration without even looking at my face properly. It was at the party that I realize that this product is actually good for me. Many of my friends were giving me compliments for my eye makeup and especially the deep black lines on my waterlines. That was the moment I got an idea how wonderful this product could be!

Lakme Kajal

Basic Info On Lakme Kajal

This is a product from Lakme to highlight, beautify your eyes. It has a deep black color and is thick in the application as compared to other Kajals which are in a rage.


In the market, it is available for 75Rs. with net weight gm.

Shelf Life

36 months

How To Use

Open the cap of the product and apply the Kajal starting from the middle part of your eye’s water-line. You can decide the darkness according to the strokes you apply. Maximum dark hue can be obtained in five strokes.

Lakme Kajal

My Experience With Lakme Kajal

The product is just awesome as far as my personal views are concerned. It does not smidges and stays really long. Everyone is talking about Lakme Iconic Kajal but I must say that this is no less than that. It has few shortcomings for sure but the merits of this product demand attention. One of the things that I disliked is that it needs sharpening and the pointed shape cannot be maintained by using a sharpener. It also causes the wasting of a product.

Except this, it has all plus points. It does not smudge and is super smooth when applying. It sits firmly in its place for more than five hours!

Product Description

A thick stick of Kajal, it is long lasting a very soft when applied. Dark black in shade, the product embellishes the eyes so beautifully that it ensures every head to turn when you wear it. The Kajal is basically used for eye waterline, but one can also use it as eye-liner with the help of a fine brush. One thing that stands out in this Kajal is that the brand has not said anything about smudging factor, but the product is quite smudging free.


The packaging of the product is quite impressive. It has a transparent cover to cover the Kajal and the body of the stick is jet black. The logo of the brand and other details are printed in golden color which highlights the written content on the Kajal beautifully. The end is fitted with shiny golden color which gives the product ‘highlighted finish’.

Lakme Kajal 2Lakme Kajal 3

Overall Performance of Lakme Kajal


  • Does not cause any irritation before or after applying.
  • Affordable in range.
  • Pigmentation is impressive.
  • Does not smudge.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Long shelf-life.
  • Can be used as an eye=liner as well.
  • Handy and neat packaging.


  • Needs sharpening which results in the waste of product.
  • The pointed shape of the nib of the Kajal is difficult to maintain.

Would I Recommend And Continue Using?

Yes! You will not find a Kajal at such rate and that too of a high brand like Lakme. In fact, this product needs more exposure so that people would come to know about other Lakme Kajal which is present in the market along with Lakme Iconic Kajal. The product is for normal to sensitive eyes. Do try!

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Smriti February 22, 2018 - 5:37 PM

it looks so good. looks like a liquid eyeliner. very precise. great review

Juhi Sharma February 22, 2018 - 8:38 PM

Every Girl’s go to Kajal back then… :haanji :haanji

Prachi singh February 22, 2018 - 11:48 PM

My first ever ♥️ kajal

rupa February 23, 2018 - 12:06 AM

this was really nicely written. good work.

Sreeparna Ganguly February 23, 2018 - 11:14 AM

It was my first kajal too :love