L’Oreal Paris Tecni Art Liss Control + Review

by Ragini Masanta
4 minutes read

Being college students we all know our busy schedule makes it difficult to manage our hair. But hair are very important for a woman. Proper nourishment of hair is very necessary. Here comes the TECNI ART Liss control+, by L’Oreal Paris that can work wonders. The day to day pollution makes your hair extremely rough and dry, making it dull in appearance.

L’Oreal Paris Tecni Art Liss Control + Review 3

Basic Info About L’Oreal Paris Tecni Art Liss Control +

How to use this hair serum?

Wash your hair and towel dry it. Apply little amount of serum on your hair and evenly spread it along the length with your hand or a comb can be used to.

Things to keep in mind.

Serum are high in chemicals so they are no replacement for natural oils. For healthier hair oil nourishment is very important alongside with which a serum can be used to give extra shine and glossy appearance.


Rs: 525 for 50 ml

L’Oreal Paris Tecni Art Liss Control + Review

My Experience with L’Oreal Paris Tecni Art Liss Control +


This wonderful serum by L’Oreal Paris will turn your hair fine. This serum when applied on your hair doesn’t make it heavy unlike other serums. The serum is greasy preventing your hair from getting tangled. It doesn’t have any strong smell, but a mild smell that leaves your hair smelling fresh all day long. Serum can be used once a day. This hair serum is friendly to any type of hair from straight to curls. Women with much damaged hair should take care of the damage by using any kind of damage protection and then opt for hair serum. This serum gives a very smooth and frizz free elegant look to your hair but they are no help in damage repairs.

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Though it is written that it keeps on doing its work up to 24hrs but I personally used it and I came up with my opinion that your hair gets tangled after 6 -7hrs only, though the glossy shine remains for almost more than a day. Hey! 6hrs are enough for college or parties. Regular use of this Tecni art serum will end the dullness and dryness of your hair completely. This particular product is a bliss as it can withstand sweat and also gives a 24hrs UV protection (this is not available in lower range serum), so that you can flaunt your hair like a model.


  • Make sure the hair is not to dry before applying.
  • Blow dry the hair after applying the serum to control frizz.
  • Do not apply the serum on the scalp.
  • It comes in glass bottle, handle with care.

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  • Hair serum with same facilities are available in much lesser price.
  • Doesn’t help repair damaged hair, but can maintain once treated.

Overall Performance of L’Oreal Paris Tecni Art Liss Control +

It is a recommended product if you are ready to invest this much on your hair. I personally use it make this statement, less effort and more gain. Hardly takes 15 mins of my day and rewards me a day long shiny look.


Would I recommend?

Sure, again if you are ready to invest J Though it appears to bit costly but in further run it gives your dry n rough hair a permanent cure. So a long term investment is worth. It is less viscous so a small amount is enough for medium length hair. Apply according to hair length.




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setu March 8, 2017 - 11:28 AM

i have split ends, can i use it ? i mean it wont damage my hair more , right ?

Siri March 9, 2017 - 6:44 PM

I bought this and broke it too 😥
So handle with care