Loreal True Match Mineral Foundation Review

by Shreya Chakraborty
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What is it and who is it for? Loreal True Match Mineral Foundation is a powder foundation. Not recommended for children.

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The price can range anywhere from $5 to $15.25 depending on the shade, offers and from where you buy it.L'Oreal Paris True Match Mineral Foundation Review 4

How to Use:

Decide your undertone and then buy a shade nearest to your complexion. Does not mess up with this otherwise, the makeup can end up looking out of place and ridiculous? After you have applied your base cream Swirl foundation brush in sifter and then shake to remove excess. Apply powder to face in small, circular motions, starting in the center and working out.

Continuously blend until the desired level of coverage is achieved.

Pro-Tip: For days when you need a little more coverage, continue to apply until your desired look is achieved. So light and buildable, True Match Naturale Mineral Foundation will never look cakey.

My Experience with Loreal True Match Mineral Foundation

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Firstly I would like to really appreciate the beautiful packaging of this foundation. The fact that it comes with a super good applicator brush makes this even handier. The brush is kept clean by covering it with the top lid. What I would do is apply a basic bb cream and concealer and directly dust this powder over my face followed by a blush and eye makeup. I have been faithfully using this product for the past several years and have faced no problem at all. I have the entire range of mineral makeup by L’Oreal Paris and not once have I ever had a break out due to this. It claims to give a 16-hour coverage however it stays in my face for 12 hrs which is not bad at all considering how less I apply. For the quantity, it is priced justly. I lightly dust it over my face every day and a single bottle of it lasts me a good 6 months. It makes my skin really glow and protects it from the sun. I totally rely on this. It is an indispensable part of my 5-minute makeup routine.

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  1. Covers blemishes and gives a fair flawless look
  2. Controls Shine and Reduce the Appearance of Pores
  3. Gentle for Sensitive Skin
  4. Contains SPF 19.
  5. Stays for 12 to 15 hrs
  6. Comes with an applicator brush
  7. The packaging is great
  8. The price is just
  9. It lasts a long time.
  10. It’s lightweight
  1. Some people may find the container of the powder a bother.
  2. Buying the correct shade is depending on the undertone is very crucial.
Overall Would I repurchase and recommend?

This is one of the products you must definitely posses. I have already used 3 containers of it and I entreat all other girls to use it. You cannot be disappointed. To top it all it’s so affordable. However please buy the authentic made in USA product as there are several other knockoffs of the same product. It’s easily available in Amazon. Go buy it right now!

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