Lotus PHYTO Rx Anti-Blemish Cream

by Somdyuti Sarkar
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What is it for? Lotus PHYTO Rx Anti-Blemish Cream is a splendid formulation containing the goodness of papaya enzyme, toning effects of carrot oil and antibacterial properties of manjistha. The unique combination of these herbal and botanical extracts creates miraculous effects on skin by eradicating all the blemishes and acne marks and lightening skin pigmentation. The crème is made in India.


Rs 645 for 50g

Sensitivity Alert:

It is not sensitive to any skin type.

How to use the crème: 
  1. After we have cleansed and toned our face well, we need to apply the crème in dots, all over the face and neck, carefully focusing on the pigmented areas.
  2. We need to smoothen the crème till the skin absorbs it.
  3. We can use it at any time of the day.
  4. We should apply it before going to bed at night for best results.
  5. For other benefits, we should apply it in combination with the PHYTORx Sun Care Protection, before stepping out in the sun.

Lotus PHYTO Rx Anti-Blemish Cream

My Experience with Lotus PHYTO Rx Anti-Blemish Cream


The crème comes in a pear green colored cardboard box with all the details printed over it. It also carries the logo of “potent organic formulation”, claiming that the crème is a mixture of herbal and botanical extracts. The details include ingredients, directions for use, manufacture date, shelf life, price, and net weight. Inside the box, we find a glass jar containing the crème. The glass jar is pear green in color. The jar has a grey colored cap that leads to a white colored seal with a small protrusion that can be used to open the seal and use the crème. The seal prevents leakage of the crème.

Ease of application:

It can be easily applied by any user without any professional help. We just need to apply the crème in dots all over the skin and rub it gently till the skin absorbs the crème.


It is effective when used for a long time. It provides an instant glow to the skin and clears blemish marks and scars in the long run. We need to make sure, to cleanse and tone our skin before applying it.


The crème has a very smooth and creamy texture. It gets blended with the skin easily without any patchy marks and so it does not look like makeup. It can be used in any season due to its smooth texture.


The crème is light yellow in color. The color is quite appealing to the user.


The crème has a very refreshing and captivating fragrance due to the unique mixture of various herbal and botanical extracts that instantly enchant the user and one feels tempted to use the crème at once.

My experience:

The unique ingredients play key roles in beautifying the skin effectively. We already know how papaya enzymes provide us with the precious benefits of restoring natural complexion and working magically on the peeling activity. It also lightens pigmentation patches, blemishes, and dark circles. Carrot oil has extraordinary effects on the regeneration of skin and provides toning benefits. The minor irritation or itching issues are completely eradicated by Manjistha which also provides anti-bacterial protection.


The unique botanical composition works really well and provides exceptional results. Though I was very excited about this crème when I first bought it, I had some reservations on my mind about its effectiveness on acne and blemishes as skin marks and scars are really stubborn and don’t fade away easily. I have been using the crème regularly for a month and have followed all the directions for use carefully and to my utter surprise, I have found my spots, blemishes, and acne marks fading out slowly. It has worked wonderfully, and I hope that within the next three months, I will have visible results. I don’t expect immediate results as products that provide immediate fairness or glow often contain ingredients that are harmful to the skin in the long run.

Overall Performance of Lotus PHYTO Rx Anti-Blemish Cream

Why did I like it?
  1. Appealing ingredients that are known to heal skin blemishes from within.
  2. Actually nourishes the skin as claimed by the brand.
  3. No sensitivity issues or irritation.
  4. Easy to use/apply.
  5. Alluring smell.
  6. User-friendly and handy packaging.
  7. Can be carried along with, while traveling.
  8. Crème color is visually quite appealing.
  9. It is not at all oily or sticky.
  10. It provides a classy glowing look.
  11. The crème jar comes with a white colored plastic seal underneath the cap that has a small protrusion. It can be used to pull the seal up and hence prevents leakage.
Why didn’t I like it?
  1. The product is quite expensive.
  2. The product comes in a glass container that needs careful handling.
  3. The glass container makes it a bit heavy.
  4. Renders ineffective if the procedures mentioned on the cover pack are not followed, for example applying the crème without cleansing or toning.
  5. Is effective only when used for a long time.

Will I recommend or repurchase:

We already know how difficult it is to prepare homemade papaya and carrot oil formulation, for a tan-free and glowing skin, amidst the strict schedule of our daily life. Personally, I find the aroma and the color of the crème quite appealing. Since it is not oily or sticky, we can use it before going out. We don’t have to worry about dirt sticking to our skin. The crème readily blends with our skin giving an instant glowing look. Hence, I will definitely recommend the product to all those ladies who have ignored their skin problems, and have slowly developed stubborn blemishes that won’t go away easily and hence are worried. I will surely repurchase the product as I have witnessed the exceptional benefits myself.

Rating:  4.9 Out of 5

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