MAC Amorous Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
2 minutes read

MAC Amorous Dupes: Are you one of those people who thought plum shades aren’t for you because they are just too pigmented and strong shades for your skin tone??

Well, maybe you might like giving Mac’s amorous a try because it’s the kind of plum shade that isn’t as scary as the others like a rebel (not that plum shades are scary).

It’s the Kind of plum pink which is safe to go with.

But if you don’t have the kind of money that allows you to splurge on something that you’ll only wear once in a while then the dupes might be just the thing for you*

# MAC Amorous vs. NYX Milan

 NYX is absolutely one of my favorites and I’m sure this dupe is going to win your heart too.

Save $6 and opt for NYX which is just as good.

It is definitely more moisturizing.

Also, you get the buttery texture which is one of the nix’s traits.

MAC Amorous Dupes 1

Image Credit: Pinterest

# MAC Amorous vs. Rimmel Stare at Me

 You get this shade and yesss people will definitely give you a STARE for sure.

For a price of just $6, this dupe isn’t going to disappoint you.

The texture is smooth and glides pretty easily.

Stays for 4-5 hours.

MAC Amorous Dupes 3

Image Credit :helenebeautyblog

For both the dupes I would like to stay that the color will still match but when it comes to pigmentation they aren’t as pigmented as the amorous but will still do the trick for you.

If you don’t have a plum pink yet, this could be your first 🙂


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