MAC Bad Girl Riri Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

Rihanna followers – this one is going to be a treat for you all.
We have one of rihanna’s cult favourites here – bad girl Riri!
Mac has launched this matte rose brown shade dedicated to the bad girl pop star that few are unaware about!
Matte has described this shade as a very matte Lippie that has a satin finish to it with warm rosy brown tone.
Indian beauties if you don’t know which nude is going to look good on you then pick this one up
The thing with nudes is we get them and spend our rest of the time trying to make them look not so nude- if you know what I mean ! A very wearable nude lipstick and if you can’t get it we have few others too – check em’ out girlies!

MAC Bad Girl Riri Dupes 2

Image Credit :qtplace

#MAC Bad Girl Riri Vs. Wet And Wild Timeless Chick

This is going to be the perfect dupe for this bad girl for two reasons
The price of this dupe is kickass $4 and you can be the next bad girl of the town.
The colour is an amazing match if you see the swatches.
TIMELESS chick leans a little to the brown and the bad girl Riri has a hint of more rose in it but that’s something no one is ever going to know 😉

MAC Bad Girl Riri Dupes 1

Image Credit :pinterest

#MAC Bad Girl Riri Vs. Nyx Lss565 B52

Now if we talk about the shade here it’s a T match not much difference between the two at all but the major thing you might want to consider here is the texture difference.
Mac is a nude lippie however the Nyx lipsticks all have an extra buttery side to them and this one being no exception is again on a creamy side. So we want a matte nude you might not go for this but for beauties who suffer from pigmentation this might be another great option for just $6

MAC Bad Girl Riri Dupes 4

Image Credit : wiseshe

#MAC Bad Girl Riri Vs. Elf Praline

This lippie will end up looking more like a lip liner but it’s actually a lipstick and a pretty good dupe too for our Mac which has a matte finish to it too.
ELF has a slight orangey pink hint to it whereas the MAC one leans a bit more towards brown but once on the lips there is nothing to tell them apart.
You can get this dupe for a dope price – $5!

MAC Bad Girl Riri Dupes 3

Image Credit :qtplace

So which one will you choose for your bad girl look today 🙂

MAC Bad Girl Riri Dupes

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