MAC Blankety Dupes !

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

MAC Blankety Dupes : Pink???

Yeaaa !

With a brown undertone???

Hell yeaa!

I have been meaning to do an article on this pretty colour since a really long time but here it is finally.

The Mac’s blankety – the perfect blanket your lips will ever need is this one.

A really subtle full shade that looks super great on fair skin tones and even dark skin tones but I’m not too sure about the medium skin tone beauties. And one thing is for sure, when you aren’t too sure about a lipstick as expensive as Mac you always go ahead and try is dupes.

MAC Blankety Dupes 3

# MAC Blankety vs. Wet N Wild Fergie Daily

Definitely the best dupe ever for this lipstick which comes for an unbelievable price of just $3.40.

The colour is definitely on point but Might be slightly less pigmented than Mac but otherwise it’s one pretty dupe for this lippie.

MAC Blankety Dupes 1

Image Credit : pinterest

# MAC Blankety vs. Neutrogena Just Whisper

 Wear this as your daily look and make yourself a big hit.

Comes for a price of $8 and feels and looks amazing too.

Might be a little difficult to find but another great dupe which stays on for a good amount of time.

MAC Blankety Dupes 2

Image Credit :pinterest

# MAC Blankety vs. Essence Creamy Nude

Yes you get another dupe for $3 which is totally the perfect dupe in terms of the colour.

If I was to say. A few things about this one it would be all about its stay which is less than Mac and it doesn’t settle well on chapped lips like any other nude.

On the whole it’s a replacement which you wouldn’t regret.

A very becoming dupe indeed.

MAC Blankety Dupes

Image Credit :funyfacebeauty

Sport the royal look with this shade 🙂

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