MAC Brave Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
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MAC Brave Dupes: When it comes to pinks Mac’s range is soooooo vast that you think of a pink and they have it. We have duped many pinks before but the one that we have today is MAC BRAVE LIPSTICK which is a classic pink 🙂 It’s such a pretty pink – subtle and deep at the same time. This is one of my favorite duped lipsticks of MAC because all the alternatives are really close. Pick up anyone and they are all the same.

MAC Brave Dupes 4

MAC Brave vs. NYX Whipped Caviar

 Even if you aren’t a fan of caviar, you are going to love this one with its creamy buttery texture which is quite unlike the matte texture of MAC Colour is on point but NYX has a slight sheen to it. For only $6 this dupe is a great one.

MAC Brave Dupes 2

Image Credit: Pinterest

MAC Brave vs. Maybelline Warm Me Up

 THE perfect dupe of brave?? This is it for me guys. No shine no shimmer. Colour t match. Less than half the price. Wonderful feel. Great texture. There is absolutely nothing which is to be pointed out here. On point! 🙂

MAC Brave Dupes 1

MAC Brave vs.  L’Oreal Paris Tender Berry

 The color is a clear winner and the lipstick has a better texture than MAC which lasts up to 4 hours after which you might want to reapply it. Mac sure offers long lasting of 6 hours but for double the price!

Just a tad of shine which is hardly noticeable makes it the third (perfect) dupe of MAC.

MAC Brave Dupes 3

Image Credit: pinterest

MAC Brave vs. Revlon Honey

REVLON is not far behind when it comes to mimicking brave. It is just a hint more pigmented but looks better if you have pigmented lips.

Texture is moisturizing and sets well on the lips.

For $7 it’s a lovely purchase.

MAC Brave Dupes 5

Image Credit: cakington

It’s not always that one comes across dupes that are so close to Mac – some are maybe a hint lighter or some are a little darker but brave is one such color that all of these above brands have mastered to perfection.

Get your perfect look with Mac brave’s dupes.

Are you brave enough to carry it!

MAC Brave Dupes

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