MAC Cherish Dupes :) Diya Mirza’s Favorite Lippie!!<3

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

Are you scared that the nudes give your face a pale look? Looking for something with slightly more pink in it and still a nude?Mac’s cherish might be the lipstick that could be the thing for you. A peachy shade with a beige undertone – sounds good hmmm…

Can’t have it? Have its dupes then.


MAC Cherish Dupes 1


# MAC Cherish vs.  Wet N Wild Bare It All

Bare it all has been the dupe for a few other lipsticks too and it’s a very successful dupe for this one too.The best thing I like about WNW is its really low priced $3 and gives you one of the best colour matches this one is no exception.

It just lacks a bit of shine and shimmer which cherish has.

Otherwise perfect!


MAC Cherish Dupes 2

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# MAC Cherish vs.  Maybelline Totally Toffee

And this dupe is totally rocking because it’ comes for a price of just $6 and is easily available.As far as the colour is concerned it is slightly darker or slightly more pigmented than cherish but that works out nicely for you if you want a little darker shade.

On the lips it looks more or less the same. Perfection.


MAC Cherish Dupes


# MAC Cherish vs.  Rimmel Kate Moss 03

This one again has been the dupe for a few others too and it has nailed cherish too.As far as the colour goes it has done a pretty good job at nailing the exact shade.

Comes for an affordable price of $6.


MAC Cherish Dupes 3


Cherish these dupes 🙂


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