MAC Dubonnet Amplified Lipstick Review

by Anubha Chaudhary
4 minutes read

Hey, guys!!

I am back with another review of MAC lipstick from my closet. This one I bought when kylie cosmetics released their dark maroon shade lipsticks and I liked their shade so much that I wanted to buy them but unlucky me. the shipping charges were so much that from that money I can buy 2 Mac lipsticks so I decided to go to nearby MAC store and search for dark maroon shade and there I saw this shade and was soo in love with this shade that I bought it once and did not regret buying it. So let’s see how this shade works out for me.

MAC Dubonnet Amplified Lipstick Review

Basic Information about MAC Dubonnet Amplified Lipstick


Brand claims:

  • Formulated to shade, define and showcase the lips.
  • The iconic product that made M.A.C famous.
  • Amplified: cream finish
  • Hundreds of hues, high-fashion textures.
  • Stays for long
  • Smooth on lips.

MAC Dubonnet Amplified Lipstick Review 3



Rs 1450 for 3g (Price varies from store to store)



Self Life

3 years.




Talking of the shade according to me its mixture of dark brown and maroon color. This shade goes with all skin tones and looks fabulous on all. Pretty dark color due to which lips become an attractive part of the face. Goes with every dress as well as for different occasions specially occasions like marriages, reception etc.




Glossy finish and creamy.

MAC Dubonnet Amplified Lipstick Review 2

My Experience with MAC Dubonnet Amplified Lipstick


  • Packaging: Packaging is simple and classy. Comes in a black box and body of the lipstick is like curved from cap and flat from bottom like every other lipstick of MAC. MAC is written on the cap and on the silver lid of the lipstick with black color with makes it’s classy.


  • Form: Casual lipstick form (Roll on). Easy to carry around due to its shape.


  • Wearability: Because of its smooth and creamy texture it stays for long. Cannot see cracks on lips after applying it due to its creamy texture. Only one swipe and we get a perfect dark maroon shade. This shade tends to stay for about 4-5 hours with mild snacks/drinks in between. After that, it leaves a beautiful dark red stain on the lips that need to be removed with a makeup remover at the end of the day. It’s optional to use a lip liner with it. Need now to apply it again and again.


  • Moisture: It’s creamy due to which its moisture stays for long. Does not dry out quickly. Chaps of lipstick are not forms even after 5 to 6 hours. Works great on dry lips also.

MAC Dubonnet Amplified Lipstick Review 5

Overall Performance of MAC Dubonnet Amplified Lipstick

I personally like this lipstick due to its smooth, creamy texture and glossy finish. After apply it feels like I had applied lip balm, not lipstick. Does not feel heavy on lips and did not get sticky after some it. Its smooth texture makes lips soft and beautiful. It compliments all age group ladies. Staying power is decent and very well pigmented, thus a single swipe is good enough to give a nice opaque finish. It’s good for both dry and normal lips so don’t wry that it will look dry or chapped on your lips and due to its dark shade, it makes lips attractive part of the face.

Would I recommend it or repurchase?

I know it’s expensive but totally worth it. So give it a try… you will love it.

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Paneeni March 31, 2017 - 3:52 PM

This lovely shade looks pretty good on you :rose:

Anubha choudhary April 1, 2017 - 10:04 AM

Thank you ?

tanushree March 31, 2017 - 9:25 PM

woala!! I am in love with the shade!!

Anubha choudhary April 1, 2017 - 10:05 AM

Me too ?