MAC Faux Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

MAC Faux Dupes: Have you ever wanted a great everyday lipstick which is not pink or a red?? Maybe you are the kind of person who likes to go subtle?? Well, Mac hasn’t forgotten about you and here is the perfect thing that might keep you hooked on. After you are through with this article I’m sure the search for the perfect everyday office wear kind of lipstick ends right here, because even if you don’t have the kind of pocket that gets a Mac bullet lipstick you still have these dupes to save the day! Here are the pretty faux’s dupes.

MAC Faux Dupes 1

# MAC Faux vs.  NYX Flutter Kiss

This pretty pink will win you over with its charm.

A dull pink which looks something like one of the shades that Kim Kardashian would sport on.

Comes for a price of $6 which is just the kind of alternative that you might be looking for.

Stays on for a good 5 hours.

And I dare not comment on the color.

This is like the purrfect dupe!

MAC Faux Dupes 2

Image Credit: beautyonabeerbudget

# MAC Faux vs.  NYX Thalia

If you can’t lay your hands on the FLUTTER kiss, NYX has you covered with the Thalia look which is again one of the most perfect dupes you will get for faux.

If you would like to save a couple of dollars more you can pick out this one which comes for $4.

If this isn’t all the color is again on point but a tad darker but I promise you won’t even notice the difference because on the lips they are the same!

MAC Faux Dupes 3

Image Credit: vividlylovelytumblr

MAC Faux Dupes 4

Image Credit: Pinterest

Want to be the next Kim Kardashian of your office??

This lippie could be your break!

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