Mac Hue Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
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Mac Hue Dupes: There are some of us who are just looking for a hue of lipstick rather than a the *real lipstick* .Lipstick that is light enough to pass as *no lipstick* look.Well that is exactly the kind of look you end up with when you go in for a shade like Mac’s hue.If you can’t go for the real Mac thing you can always opt for these dupes.

MAC Hue Dupes 1

# MAC Hue vs. Maybelline Nude Nuances

A very likeable dupe for hue that looks like hue in texture and colour.

Hue is an easy colour to dupe and hence a difference of 10-20% doesn’t make a lot of difference to the colour.

MAYBELLINE looks just as good on the lips.

Price -. $6

MAC Hue Dupes 2

Image Credit : pinterest

# MAC Hue vs. NYX 617

A colour like hue looks even better when the texture is buttery and creamy just like the texture of every NYX lipstick is.

NYX 617 is slightly more pigmented and has a little more touch of pink in it. This is good for you if you like it this way.

For a price of just $6 it’s a commendable dupe.

MAC Hue Dupes

Image Credit :ebay

# MAC Hue vs. Revlon Soft Nude

The third dupe which is very easily available and liked by many of us for its quality and texture is Revlon’s soft nude.

This dupe is just as pretty as Mac when it comes to colour there is nothing that I would like to point out.

Comes for a price of $6.

MAC Hue Dupes 3

Image Credit :xxxbeautyredefinedxxx


You can also try Avon pout.

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