MAC Hug Me Dupes !!

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

MAC Hug Me Dupes: There is something about a class that never goes out of style. There is a certain naughty affair in flashing the occasional seductive reds and party pinks but a clean beautiful natural look never goes out of style.

Something about muted flesh natural pinks reminds me of class and authority!

Not so bold yet beautiful in their own natural way.

Count on reds and pinks to earn yourself a few hoots and whistles, but you want to look like a *CEO* and look for an office lipstick go in for pink like MAC’s HUG ME!

A much muted pink with a hint of nude in it enough to make your lips look naturally plump and beautiful.

Or go in for the dupes which are again a beautiful replacement you will not regret.

MAC Hug Me Dupes

Image Credit: Pinterest

# MAC Hug Me vs. Maybelline Totally Toffee

Edible enough like a toffee Maybelline has gone the extra mile to give the lipstick the MAC HUG ME look!

Will match the color pretty well and there is not much that you will miss in terms of texture.

Be more liberal with applications though because MAYBELLINE is after all not Mac!

Lasts you 3-4 hours but allow the price to pull you towards it, $6 in comparison to paying $10 extra for Mac!

MAC Hug Me Dupes 1

Image Credit: Pinterest

# MAC Hug Me vs. Wet n Wild Bare It All

Go ahead and bare it all with WNW for the hug me look because you can with just $2!

Just a tad bit darker (that’s not going to make a difference) and comes for a lot less.

A bit less lustrous if you see the swatches though.

MAC Hug Me Dupes 2

Image Credit: Beleza Vegana

#MAC Hug Me vs. Rimmel Kate Moss 14

Rimmels not far behind when it comes to matching * hug me *!

Extremely likely but I would recommend to top it off with a little gloss to match the hug-me-luster look.

Just a dab would do the trick!

Or if you prefer the lack of luster this should suit you just fine

Get your look for just $6.

MAC Hug Me Dupes 3

Image Credit: Pinterest

For Mac lovers who can’t get *hug me * but still are bent upon adding this shade to their Mac collection, can go in for another Mac dupe #MAC CHERISH or #MAC MODESTY.

Carry you hug me to look to almost anywhere with anything 🙂

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