Mac Lickable Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
4 minutes read

Mac Lickable Dupes: When a bright hot fuchsia pink comes with a matte finish then the combination becomes too difficult to resist.  Trust Mac to lure us girls with its tempting names and even more tempting colours. And trust us to lure you away from Mac with our dupes 😛

While Mac is still Mac these dupes aren’t far behind!

Mac Lickable Dupes!! A cool cool toned PINK!! ;) 5

# MAC Lickable vs. Cover Girl Spellbound

Looking for a T match?? Here it is. Spellbound will not only leave you spellbound but also save you from splurging $10 extra on the same shade. Full fuchsia looks slightly darker in the tube but when applied both look absolutely same – in shade and in texture. If it wasn’t for cover girl’s candy smell, you would have never been able to tell one from the other. Also I totally love the packing of cover girl. It’s really pretty isn’t it?

Mac Lickable Dupes!! A cool cool toned PINK!! ;) 2

IC : pinterest

# MAC Lickable vs. Revlon Fuchsia Fusion

Revlon is a brand that one needs to speak nothing about. We all know what a good job Revlon does to our lips and if we get the shade on point there is nothing more to ask for and personally I have always felt that Revlon goes better on the Indian tinted lips so why wait – Go get this one guys.

Mac Lickable Dupes!! A cool cool toned PINK!! ;) 3


# MAC Lickable vs. Maybelline Mesmerizing Magenta

 Trust MAYBELLINE to save us! Here comes another dupe which is same in shade the only thing being that you might want to apply two coats of it to get the same deep shade of Mac. For all the extra dollars it’s saving it’s totally worth it.

Mac Lickable Dupes!! A cool cool toned PINK!! ;) 4


# MAC Lickable vs. Wet and Wild Don’t Blink Pink

Another close dupe but then again I would recommend two coats of it unlike Mac which requires just one clean swipe. A tad less tinted but still on point. Two swipes never did anyone any harm especially if it matches Mac it’s too good to pass on.

Mac Lickable Dupes!! A cool cool toned PINK!! ;)

IC :pinterest

So what if you don’t have Mac- you can still be a Hollywood rock star with these dupes!

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