Mac Lustering Dupes! That Glossy Glossy Pink <3

by Mallika Dharmani
2 minutes read

Fan of the soft pinky lips look?

Well I am. Especially if you are fair toned you will be able to pull of Macs Lustering lipstick beautifully.

It’s a colour which looks like watermelon kind of pink.

This lipstick is, unlike the other colours of Mac, as it is subtle, glowing and like the name suggests Lustering is a bit shiny too since it has a very less pigmented lippie.

For those of you who want to go try it we can easily try out its dupes too!



MAC Lustering vs. Revlon Pink Tart

TARTS?? I’m always up for them and if you are too you might want to try out a different tart this time.

Revlon’s pink Tart is again an on dot copy of Lustering.

Not too pigmented. It’s shiny too and costs you $6 and is available everywhere.

Since it’s a bit shiny it has a smooth and easily to apply texture.


MAC Lustering Dupes 1

Image Credit: pinterest


MAC Lustering vs. Revlon Sorbet

This other Revlon has hit the colour bang on too.

Just the right amount of shine with the right amount of colour in it this lipstick qualifies it for the next dupe for Lustering.

Just a hint darker than Lustering but the difference is hardly noticeable.


MAC Lustering Dupes 3

Image Credit: georgiabelle


Both of them come for $6 and are easily available too

Try these two and get the perfect neon pink summer look at everyone would be falling for.


A little lustre takes you a long way 🙂

MAC Lustering Dupes

Image Credit: giphy

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