MAC Show Orchid Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
2 minutes read

MAC Show Orchid Dupes: There is something so catchy about these fuchsia pinks that it makes you want to have one immediately.Flashy and yet so hot. And on the right person, it looks amazing. You should just know how to carry colors like these to rock it. Mac show orchid is one such wanted fuchsia pink with a hint of purple in it which gives it even more of a drive. Team it up with a pair of Smokey eyes and SLAYS!!

MAC show Orchid Dupes

If you think this could be your thing you can always go ahead and try these dupes too.

# MAC Show Orchid vs. Revlon Wild Orchid

Get that wild look with this raving orchid color of Revlon which has done just as good of a job at matching the color of Mac. Just a tad bit more purple than Macs lipstick but still pretty much wearable in place of Mac. Nice formula and especially liked by people due to its lovely texture. Get this one for $6 and sport the look

MAC show Orchid Dupes 2

IC: socalswthrt1107

# MAC Show Orchid vs. NYC Blue Rose

The perfect dupe for Mac for this one would definitely be NYC’s blue rose. Same color in just $2.The texture is wearable too. A very apt dupe if there ever was one.

mac show orchid dupes

# MAC Show Orchid vs. NYX Shiva

NYX has also done a pretty good job at nailing the color for this one. The only difference between the two is that NYX is slightly shimmery as compared to Mac which has no shimmer. Yet again another great dupe for just $6.

MAC show Orchid Dupes 4

IC: vampy varnish

You can also try Maybelline’s Fuchsia Flash which comes for $6!


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