Mac Toledo Oxblood Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
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Mac Toledo Oxblood Dupes: The world is full of pinks. At least the world of lipsticks is. And one is never too bored of pinks. I mean how anyone can ever be- there are just soo many pinks you can’t have them all but yes you definitely need to get your hands on a selective few and MAC Toledo Oxblood looks like just the shade that needs to be in your purse. But if you can’t have one, go ahead and get one of its dupes! A pink with just the right amount of red and warmth in it is what Toledo Oxblood is all about.

MAC toledo oxblood dupes

#MAC Toledo Oxblood vs. Wet N Wild Megalast Bare It All

First thing first let’s talk about the color- ON POINT! It would actually be a shame to say anything negative about the color. Bet a million dollars if anyone can tell the two apart. Colour is awesome- moisturizing- pigmented- and just for $2!!!!!!!!!!!

MAC toledo oxblood dupes 2

Image Credit:xuequii

#MAC Toledo Oxblood vs. Rimmel Notting Hill Nude

Colour is again on point with just a slight sheen to it which is barely visible once it’s on the lips.

Smooth application and comes for just $6!You might want to apply 2-3 coats for just the exact pigmented look as Mac’s.

MAC toledo oxblood dupes 3

Image Credit:stealing-beauty

Look at the comparison swatches!

MAC toledo oxblood dupes 1

Image Credit:passingfancyblog

Get the look girls 🙂

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