MAC Up the Amp Dupes!

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

MAC Up the Amp: Purple is like the raging new shade – some might be totally into it while other might be avoiding it to be on the safer side. So if you want to try out something which is purple and yet. Not so purple then up the amp might be just the thing for you…

A very lavender pink purple colored lippie which is a much safer option for people who aren’t so sure about the hardcore purple stuff…Say hello to the safe purple’s dupes which might actually gel up well with some flowery dress on a summer day:)

MAC Up the Amp Dupes!! This Fall Berry ;)

# MAC Up The Amp vs.  Revlon Berry Haute

With a flattering texture which glides easily, REVLON has mastered the shade of Mac.

Pigmented just right and the color is also a t match…

For people who want to experiment with this color or for cheap thrills, this is a very good option for just $8!

MAC Up the Amp Dupes!! This Fall Berry ;) 2

IC: beautywithemilyfox

# MAC up The Amp vs. Colourpop Fern

A dupe which is even more economical than REVLON with no compromise in quality would be FERN from Colourpop which just comes for a price of $5.

Again the color is a lovely match to Mac.

No disappointment for sure if you try this one out…

The texture isn’t shiny but it isn’t really matte.

It’s just fine!

MAC Up the Amp Dupes!! This Fall Berry ;) 3

Ic : dupethat

If you are looking for a dupe for MAC’S UP THE AMP IN MAC’s own list then you might want to try out #MAC MEN LOVE MYSTERY which is slightly more pigmented but the color is pretty much the same for both the lippies

Happy fall color season peeps!!

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