MAC Watch Me Simmer Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

MAC Watch Me Simmer Dupes: Have you ever seen a color and fall head over heels for it? That’s exactly the kind of feeling you get when you see this hot coral color from Mac the Mac Watch me Simmer! Now, who wouldn’t simmer with a color like this? A hot coral shade that makes you go bonkers with its brightness and boldness. Definitely, one lipstick to have in your stash for all those flirty summer days. But if you cannot invest $15 in a color like this you can always go ahead and try its dupes.

MAC watch me simmer dupes ! 3

#  MAC Watch Me Simmer vs. Maybelline Coral Crush

 This is what crushes look like – this lippie is a dream and is just as good as Mac when it comes to the color match. Stays on for 3-4 hours after which you might need to reapply it. For a price of just $6, a great dupe.

MAC watch me simmer dupes ! 4

IC: painted-ladies

# MAC Watch Me Simmer vs. NYC Rock a Fellas

The perfect dupe for this one is NYC which has nailed the color and texture -both!NYC comes for a price of $2 which is pretty cheap for such a lovely shade. Definitely, a must have at this price.

MAC watch me simmer dupes !

IC: Pinterest

# MAC Watch Me Simmer vs. Cover Girl Fairytale

 The perfect FAIRYTALE color is indeed this lippie by a cover girl which has the color on point. Again there is. Nothing which can tell the two apart.

Price $6!

MAC watch me simmer dupes ! 2

IC: Makeuploversunite

Have any one of these dupes they are all soo perfect 🙂


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