MAC Whirl Dupes

by Mallika Dharmani
2 minutes read

MAC Whirl  Dupe : There is one thing that pops up in your mind when you say Kylie Jenner- her lipsticks of course!!!The shades that she digs up are a complete rave on and nothing is a fail when she uses it!So today we have another very popular shade by Mac (don’t know how this one escaped my notice) from Kylie’s own beauty stash – WHIRL!This pretty colour originally came as a lip liner but then Mac decided to launch it as a lipstick too!Trust me we love you Mac for this 🙂

MAC Whirl Dupes 2

The popularity of the lippie makes it a hard catch so we decided to pull up some of its closest dupes available.

# MAC Whirl vs. Maybelline Nude Nuance

The color is perfectly matched by Maybelline and the price is attractive enough to lure you to it.

This pretty little dupe might be slightly lighter than Mac but I would say one could go overboard and apply a few more swipes to solve the problem.

Price $6 which is very affordable for a close dupe of a popular lippie like whirl.

MAC Whirl Dupes 1

Image Credits : Pinterest

# MAC Whirl vs. WnW Mochalicious

No doubt this colour will give you an impression of the fact that this lippie is darker than Mac but then this statement might be a bit overrated in terms of the colour…

The difference between both is actually not that noticeable once it’s on the lips.

However I would always advise you to use a tissue to dab the excess colour away.

A great dupe for just a crazy $2!!

MAC Whirl Dupes 3

Image Credits :dupelist

For those of you who could settle for a lip liner too and use it as a lippie (many people do, you might actually love it), there is NYX mauve for them which is very much similar to whirl. The only difference is that it’s slightly more pink than brown. But otherwise a great dupe again.


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