Makarasana or Crocodile Pose has some GREAT BENEFITS!

by Pallavi Bose
4 minutes read

Makarasana which is also known as crocodile pose, is one of the most popular yoga poses of all times. This yoga pose targets towards your back and spinal issues. The pose is very similar to crocodile resting in water and thus the name has been derived. Makarasana is more of a relaxing pose and it is generally done at the end of your yoga or exercise session to cool and make your body relax.

The best time is to do Makarasana in the morning as this will help to clear out your bowel movement and flush out the toxins from your body.

Makarasana or Crocodile Pose

How to do Makarasana –
  1. Lie down on your stomach
  2. Fold your hands and let the tip of your elbows relax on the ground. Alternatively, you can also leave your hand on the air hanging.
  3. Gently raise your shoulder and head by keeping your neck straight and looking ahead
  4. Try to bend your head slightly in upward direction and begin by placing your chin in the palm area
  5. Stretch out your legs completely and your toes should face outwards
  6. Breathe normally and gradually begin to relax your muscles
  7. Hold the position for 3-5 minutes
  8. Repeat the same for another set
Precautions to be taken while doing Makarasana –
  1. Try to position your body on a yoga or light and comfortable mat. Your body should be in complete resting and comfortable position while doing this yoga pose.
  2. Make sure that you don’t have any serious back or spinal injury while doing this pose.
  3. Avoid this yoga pose in case of any serious neck injuries even
  4. In case of deep physiological issues also this yoga pose is best to be avoided.
Benefits of Makarasana –
  1. This is a highly relaxing pose for back and spine
  2. It helps in curing asthma, knee or any lung related issues
  3. This asana also helps in stretching the hip muscles
  4. This is a perfect asana to deal with stretch issues, hypertension and sleep disorders
  5. It has a calming and relaxing effect on your mind and body.
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