Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Rose Gold Palette Review

by Payal Chowdhury
6 minutes read

Who is it for? Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Rose Gold Palette is made for every eyeshadow junkie who loves to experiment with their looks. This palette can easily be used to create from simple day to stunning night time looks.

Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Rose Gold Palette

Price – Rs. 1550 for 22 gm
How to use – 

There are 16 pans containing equal amounts of shimmer and matte colors. It can easily be applied using the dual ended sponge tip applicator that comes along with the product but it’s recommended to use a good blending brush to get the best results.

Sensitive skin alert – 

As I have a sensitive skin, It would be safe to say that it works beautifully for me with no issues at all but one should always check the ingredient list and go for a patch test just in order to be sure as eyes are usually considered to be very sensitive.

My experience with Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Rose Gold Palette


The packaging is an absolute eye catcher! The 16 eye shadows are well packed in a plastic container and comes with an attractive peek through gold cardboard box. The top of the plastic container is a stunner with the theme of a melting gold chocolate bar which is sure to make your vanity look chic and pretty. There are total of 8 shimmers and 8 matte colours which are well pressed into the pans. It also comes with a plastic sheet separating the eyeshadows from the mirror and has the name of all the colours printed on it.  It also comes with a full size mirror and a dual ended sponge tip applicator which makes it travel friendly. All in all the packaging gets huge thumbs up!!

Shade and texture – 

Makeup Revolution I Heart Chocolate Rose Gold Palette 1

As mentioned before, there is a total of 16 beautiful warm shades. As the name mentions it consists mostly of pink, mauve and gold shades. The texture of each matte shade is very smooth along with the shimmer and pressed pigments. Here is a detailed analysis of each shade:-

Hold up – This a gold toned beige shimmer highlighting shade. Acts as a good option to highlight your brow bone.

Touch me – This is a stunning olive green shimmer shade.

Dirty rich – This shade is my favorite shimmer shade among all; it is a shimmer cranberry shade which looks absolutely stunning.

Hard work – This is a yellow toned gold shimmer. This will work wonders for those night time black and gold Smokey look.

Luxe – This is the only pressed pigment which requires a little work. But when applied carefully this pure rose gold shimmer looks absolutely stunning.

Cheque – The first shade in the second row consists of this beautiful brown toned copper shimmer shade which is a must have for all.

Barbie – As the name suggests this Barbie pink shade and is duo-chromatic giving reflections of a yellow tone.

Gold Digga – The last shimmer of the palette is a beautiful copper gold shimmery eye shadow which is sure to give your eyes the much needed extra oomph!

Girl Boss – Now comes the first matte shade which is a beautiful mauve brown shade.

Uh-oh – This is a beautiful pink mauve shade which can act as a transition shade as well.

Not yours – This is an almost neon bright pink shade.

Shy- This again is an earthy brown shade.

Back up – A beautiful chocolate brown shade which is perfect for creating warm brown Smokey eye look.

Side- chick – This again is an earthy maroon shade inclined more towards red.

My own –This a beautiful terracotta warm brown shade with a little hint of orange.

Independent – last but not the least, is this beautiful beige matte shade.

Pigmentation – 

All the shades are highly pigmented especially the mattes. The shimmer shades are very smooth and pigmented except a few which can be easily applied by wetting the brush with setting spray first. They can also be built up and doesn’t crease on layering.

Fragrance – 

This palette smells amazing as all the eyeshadows have a beautiful smell of chocolates. So for all the chocolate lovers out there, this is a big win-win!!

Experience –

In my opinion, this is a must have a palette. This particular palette is said to be inspired by the HUDA BEAUTY ROSE GOLD palette which is a bit expensive. The shades are well pigmented and can be built up. The application is smooth specially incase of the mattes. I love warm eyeshadows and warm colors are very much in trend these days. People like me who love warm eyeshadows should get this palette for sure. The staying power of the eyeshadows is quite decent ranging between 5 to 7 hours if applied with a good eye primer. At this price point with 16 colors, this palette stands out to be a winner in my eyes. The only thing that this palette lacks is a black shade which in my opinion would have made this palette the perfect go to palette. Nevertheless, this is an amazing palette and I am pretty sure one would not regret buying this.

What do I like about this palette?
  1. Affordable compared to many high-end palettes.
  2. Highly pigmented.
  3. Doesn’t crease on layering and has a smooth application.
  4. Stunning packaging making it looks like a high-end product.
  5. It has a beautiful fragrance of chocolates and we all love chocolates!!
  6. An equal number of shimmer and matte shades.
  7. Comes with a full-size mirror.
  8. Decent staying power.
What I dislike about this palette?
  1. Does not include a black shade.
  2. The sponge tip applicator doesn’t help to achieve the perfect blended look and only good for touch-ups.
  3. The pressed pigment requires a little work and is not as smooth as the others.
Would I repurchase or recommend?

Yes of course, this a budget friendly rose gold palette and every eyeshadow junkie should get their hands on this palette. This is also very travel friendly and day to night looks can be easily created. With equal numbers of shimmers and matte shades this becomes a fun palette to play and experiment with. I totally recommend this to all!!

Rating- 4.5/5

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Apoorwa Verma September 26, 2018 - 10:24 PM

Wow!!!! Such a nice palette with variety of colors !!! Nice ????
Loved your review payal ❤️❤️❤️

Payal Chowdhury September 27, 2018 - 1:14 AM

Thank you so much !!! Glad you liked it ❤❤

Mayurika Gupta September 27, 2018 - 1:34 AM

Well described and easy to understand..A must buy and a must add up to my make up accessories..
Well written Payal ???❤❤❤❤❤

Sreeparna Ganguly September 27, 2018 - 11:36 AM

All warm shades with so many glitter and matte shades.. This palette is really something…
Great review Payal???