Marigold Naturals by Aarti and Aditi

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GlossyPolish Girl Power , is a very special feature 🙂

Special because , we bring to you special women …who have made a name for themselves. Not only are they hugely successful and self made, but a source of inspiration to many others! This feature has come back, long after we featured Mehreen Fakih of Dreams Coutured.


Today’s GlossyPolish Girl Power spotlight , brings a women entrepreneur duo .These are the diligent minds working behind  the new cult favorite , natural skincare brand Marigold Naturals. The sisters Aarti and Aditi,bring to you Marigold.


Marigold Naturals by Aarti and Aditi


Their products are free of parabens, animal by-products, harmful colorants and fragrances, petroleum and other harsh cosmetic chemicals. They continue to use natural and fresh ingredients to create products that contain potent healing and beautifying properties. All products are handmade without any processes that can affect the nutritional content and potency of natural ingredients, thus helping impart regenerative and healing powers that only nature can produce.

Handing over the conversation to Aarti and Aditi  , the mind and heart behind Marigold Naturals 🙂


Marigold Naturals by Aarti and Aditi 2


Why Marigold ?

 Marigold was conceptualized years back when both Aditi and I were not allowed to use any chemicals or face washes etc on our faces as kids. Hence the experiments in the kitchen began; with herbs, grains, nuts etc whatever we could lay our hands. All of that is marigold in a jar today. Our friends over the years would keep asking for our “miracle” scrubs and packs (that’s what they called our products)! It was what encouraged us to launch Marigold professionally.


Marigold Naturals by Aarti and Aditi 3


Today Marigold is a passion for both Aditi and me and an addiction to our esteemed clients, who have been so complimenting and encouraging!! 😀 That’s why we say at Marigold… Unleashing beauty naturally! As all our products are handcrafted and are totally natural, making it safe for your young growing up clients too! We use the finest ingredients. All our products are fragrance and chemical free. Marigold is ideal for daily use skin care routine naturally!


Marigold Naturals by Aarti and Aditi 5


How has the response been ?

Oh God Fabulous!We are so grateful to our clients 🙂 We can proudly say, that once a Marigold customer-ALWAYS a Marigold customer . I think , if you are sincere and your products actually work;the customers can see that. We also try to keep our products affordable, so that everyone can reach good quality skincare.


Marigold Naturals by Aarti and Aditi 4


Future Plans ?

To see the brand Marigold grow. Have our self owned outlets all over the country and even overseas. Seeing Marigold on the shelves of all the high end stores is also our dream. Unleashing beauty naturally our motto is, literally our dream! 😉


What are Your Favorite Marigold Products ?


Its difficult to choose any one! I think the 5 grain Melange is one product that I reach out to most often. Its basically your very own facial in a jar, Something I can not live without! I use it multiple times a week…and it helps keep my skin in top condition. Its a great anti ageing product.


Marigold Naturals by Aarti and Aditi 9



I am going to be honest, don’t make me pick any one! I love all the products. Now I am not saying this just because its our brand…but because they really work for me! To me , its a contest between Rejuvinating Ubtan , Almond Blush and Apricot Sparkle. No winner can be chosen 😉


Marigold Naturals Rejuvinating Ubtan 1


Such passion and drive is hard to see! No wonder their products are doing great !

We wish both Aarti and Aditi great luck and success 🙂 🙂


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