What are the Marjariasana Steps and Benefits ? Try the Cat Pose !

by Ritika Singhi
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The marjariasana is popularly known as the cat pose. It is an asana which is practiced mainly for the neck and the back torso area of your body. It is a wonderful and extremely effective exercise for everyone who has problems in those areas or would want to work on those areas of their bodies.

What are the preparatory and follow up poses of marjariasna?

Like many asanas this particular asana has two preparatory poses and one follow up pose. The preparatory poses include balasana and garudasana while the follow up pose includes bitilasana.

What are the Marjariasana Steps?
Marjariasana Benefits

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  1. Firstly, you need to stand on all fours, that is, both hands and legs. Your back needs to form a table with the support of both your hands and legs. You need to ensure that the arms are straight and the hands are flat on the floor providing a perfect balance to your body. The hands shall be placed in such a manner that they are right under your shoulders.
  2. Next, you need to concentrate on your legs. The legs shall be a little apart from each other. Basically, your knees need to be hip-width apart. So, you can position your legs accordingly.
  3. Now, you need to look straight ahead and make yourself comfortable in this position.
  4. Next, you need to inhale as you breathe and you need to simultaneously raise your chin as you slowly tilt your head backward. With this, you push your navel down and raise your tailbone. Now you need to compress your buttocks. While performing this step you may feel some pain or sensation.
  5. You need to be comfortable and in ease, in this particular pose as you need to hold this pose for a few breaths. While holding this pose you shall continue to breathe long and deep.
  6. Now you need to do the countermovement, which will include exhaling and dropping your chin to your chest as you arch your back and you shall also relax your buttocks. You shall have to hold this position also for a few breaths.
  7. Now you come back to the position of standing on all fours. You shall do the combination of the movement and countermovements for at least five to six times before you stop.
What are the benefits of marjariasana?

There are many amazing benefits of this simple, yet essential yoga posture.

  1. It adds a lot of flexibility to your spine
  2. It helps in strengthening your shoulders and wrists.
  3. It helps to get rid of unwanted and unnecessary fat in the abdomen area and also tones the area.
  4. The asana helps in improving blood circulation
  5. The stretching relaxes the mind and removes all the stress and strain.
What are the precautions while doing marjariasana?
  1. You shall consult a doctor before doing this exercise if you have any prevailing problems.
  2. If you have any head injury or pain you should keep your head in line with your torso.
  3. For the beginners, practice this asana with a professional instructor.
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