Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eyeliner Gold Review

by Nikhita Ferreira
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eyeliner Gold Is For those looking for an easy to use liquid eyeliner that is not the typical gold shade and has a slight twist to it.

Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eyeliner Gold


INR 399 for 1.5g

My experience with the Maybelline Hyper Glitz Ink Eyeliner Gold


Like all the other eyeliners from Maybelline, this one too has the shade on the lower half and the top has a black cover with an attached applicator. Again, this one too has the text in silver.


This is like a stardust gold shade. It’s gold with a mix of black. When you see it, it looks really pretty, but after application on the eyes, I wasn’t too happy. It doesn’t show too much.


The texture of the eyeliner is not too thick, not too runny. It’s the right consistency for application.


I’d say the product is very reasonable. For the job that it does, it’s totally worth it.

Staying Power

After application and letting it dry, the eyeliner is super long lasting. It stays on for long hours and it doesn’t ever smudge. So that’s amazing.


It doesn’t have a very appealing fragrance. But then again, that’s with most eyeliners.


I’ve mentioned this before, I usually have a problem with the application of liquid liners. But with this, it just goes on so smoothly.

What do I like?
  1. Right consistency
  2. Staying Power
  3. Easy application
  4. Smudge-Proof
What do I not like?
  1. Packaging
  2. Shade is a little disappointing
  3. Fragrance
Who I repurchase & recommend?

I’m not so sure about this particular shade. It didn’t work too well for me because the actual shade doesn’t show too much when applied to the eyes. You have to really go in close to see the shade. But if that’s okay for you, go ahead!

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Apoorwa verma September 4, 2018 - 8:44 PM

I agree to u on the note of color ?its not up to the mark ….
Honest review nikhita ?