Baljeet’s Amritsari Kulcha,Netaji Subhash Place ,Delhi

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I had heard from many that one could now find good quality Amritsari Kulchas from the famous Baljeet of Meera Bagh  in NSP  at a small shop. Baljeet’s Kulchas had earned their stripes for offering unlimited Cholle,Raita and Butter with their stuffed Kulchas and had quite a noteworthy fan following.Now,its really hard for me to resist these Punjabi treats and I can actually travel great distances if I know that I would be rewarded by a nicely crisp,flaky , oozing with butter Kulcha at the end of my quest.Unfortunately,the universe conspired against me to keep me away from these Kulchas for a very long time.


Baljeet's Amritsari Kulcha 6


The Ambience:

Till on the fag end of a street food and tidbit tasting spree recently with friends in the NSP area ,which has now become home to scores of hole in the wall  eateries,necessitated by an upsurge in commercial activity in the area,I came across this outlet.I had come looking for it on an earlier occasion and failed to locate it as it is  inconspicuously tucked into a corner,in the same lane as BTW. It  is a very  tiny shop where there is no place to stand and eat,let alone sit.You have to manage somehow, on your own.


Baljeet's Amritsari Kulcha 4


Now,as its really hard for me to resist Amritsari Kulchas ,no matter how stuffed I am, I proposed trying out a Kulcha,as we’d finally found the place .All the others shook their heads from side to side.But I simply couldn’t leave without sampling a Kulcha.


Baljeet's Amritsari Kulcha 7


The Food:

So we ORDERED an Aloo Pyaaz Kulcha with the Onion salad for ₹50/-.I had to give the Cholley and Raita a miss as there was no room in our tummies.They also offer other stuffings and some Punjabi gravy dishes .


Baljeet's Amritsari Kulcha 5


The Service:

The SERVICE was quick and we were served outside the shop in a matter of minutes.The piping hot Kulcha came to me in a small and thin plastic plate scalding my palms.I opened the folded Kulcha to find a thick blob of yellow butter on it.


Baljeet's Amritsari Kulcha


The Kulcha was very good with a perfectly spiced filling though not in the same league as the flaky ones you find in Amritsar. I quite relished it and will be back for more surely.Only next time I ll carry my own plate as this one had started melting from a corner with the heat which can be really hazardous thing.For this reason,


Baljeet's Amritsari Kulcha 2


Its a 3.5/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.

GlossyPolish Verdict:


Do try their Kulchas for sure if visiting Amritsar in the near future is not on your agenda.
A meal for two can be had within ₹300/- if you eat to your heart’s content.

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