Cha Bar Review , Connaught Place

by Movish
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A Cafe is a very welcome extension to a book store. For a kitabi keeda like yours truly, no place could be better to while a few hours of me – time than a cafe attached to a book store, with two of my most abiding passions, namely Food n Books in close proximity. So the Cha Bar inside the Oxford Book Store it was when I wanted to browse through some new editions of old favourites and some newly launched books.

Don’t even ask me under which rock I’d been hiding when I tell you that it was my first visit here. I was with a friend and we were the first customers of the day. I was wondering why the hell I didn’t make it a point to visit the Cha Bar aeons ago. As it is very few places in CP open up for breakfast and this cosy nook in the book shop is such a wonderful idea!

Cha Bar Review , Connaught Place 5

The Ambience :

The elongated space is neat with huge wrought iron chandeliers. There are tables strewn around that mostly seat twos and fours .It’s well lit with loads of natural light flooding in. The only thing that I didn’t like is the very uncomfortable seats. C’mon now! Who can sit here for browsing through books for hours downing endless variety of teas? Not me. The hard metal starts biting into you after a while and it’s a most undesirable aspect of a place like this.

Cha Bar Review , Connaught Place 6

The Food :

We ORDERED a Bun Tikki – reminiscent of what was sold as a burger in every school’s canteen .Simple Aloo Tikki sandwiched between a slashed Bun with a chutney. Tasty but not exceptional.

Cous cous Mediterranean Salad:

It came with raisins in it and tiny diced veggies. It tasted good but it lacked the citrus punch which makes bland couscous palatable to Indian taste buds. Not at all a bad bet for ₹ 100/-.

Cha Bar Review , Connaught Place 2

Margherita Pizza:

A certain winner .Oozing with Mozzarella on a thin crust it was a delight to bite into. A steal at ₹150/-.

Cha Bar Review , Connaught Place 7

Blackcurrant Ice Tea:

The sweet and tangy tastes clamouring for attention were so refreshing on the sweltering day. Very delicious.

Cha Bar Review , Connaught Place 3

Mixed Fruit Ice Tea:

A burst of flavors on your tongue. Quite nice.
I’ll have to go back many times to taste the delightful and mind boggling array of teas they offer.

Cha Bar Review , Connaught Place 4

The Service :

The SERVICE is great. The place was full within ten minutes of our arrival but there was no letting up in efficiency of the staff. The food is good but the value for money it proffers is astounding, considering you are sitting in AC comfort in the middle of CP. My entire bill came out to be less than what I pay for a single dish in one of the fancy pubs in the vicinity.

Cha Bar Review , Connaught Place

So the Cha Bar is

a 3.7/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.
GlossyPolish Verdict :

Food and Books, what’s not to like!!

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