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by Movish
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Informal CP Review: With the burgeoning Pubs n Clubs scene in the CP area, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a decent place to party with your family. Kids are not allowed at most of the happening joints and adults don’t want to go in for dull, dinner only options. So, there’s this huge gap in the market for a place that is fun, yet caters to all age groups – kids, parents n grannies and appeals to a youngsters’ mindset too.

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It was my niece’s 20th birthday and had to be celebrated with the entire khandaan in tow. So it was with a great sense of relief that I informed my family that I’ve finally been able to find an exciting new place where we could party together with the little ones and yes! They had reserved a huge table for us !!

I was cringing inside on the way trying to brace myself, in case the place fell short of expectations, for the barrage of tantrums that would certainly follow from the younger ones in the family. My head was ready to blow off with the pressure of it all ……

The Ambience :

I felt the tension seeping out from my head the moment I stepped inside Informal. What a lovely, serenely and tastefully done up place! The white sheer curtains cascading down and tiny fairy lights lining the stairs n spurts of green here n there give the place an ethereal feel.

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I was totally enamored by the versatility of this place. I nformal can be anything you want it to be – it can transform from a romantic, laidback place perfect for a cozy meal for two to a sultry, glamorous nightspot booming with gaiety n laughter, the dance floor set ablaze with just a change in the tempo of the music being played. All three floors at Informal are party perfect. Depending on your mood n the weather, you can choose from myriad indoor n outdoor seating options. The elevated DJ console just adds to the visual display and both the taste in music and the acoustics are top notch.

The Food :

We ORDERED a lot . I’ll just list out what I remember:

Red Wine Sangrias:

They were great but loaded with too many oranges, which infused it with a slightly bitter citrus aftertaste.

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Both the Exotic Veg and the Chicken Tikka thin crust options were drooled-worthy, they were so delicious. Crispy and cheesy, I ll can survive on pizzas alone at Informal.

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Smoked Chicken Lollipop:

Uniquely presented, delectably flavored.

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Greek Salad :

An off-menu item churned out by a special request to the Chef. So utterly crunchy and full of robust flavors of arugula, feta, and sweet peppers, this was so refreshing. Why not add this gem to the menu?

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Dahi Ke Sholey:

Reminded me of my Mom’s paneer stuffed bread rolls. Nostalgia apart, these really were scrumptious n presented innovatively.

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Basa Fish Fillets with Lemon Butter Sauce:

This one had been devoured by the time I came to the table from the dance floor but it won many accolades. So, I ll have to try it next time.

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Classic Chilli Chicken with Poppadum:

I found this combo rather strange. To me, it was a fairly average dish with the sauce being too tart and too sweet at once but others with stronger palates loved it.

Nachos Salad with Tomato Salsa:

The Salsa was too strongly spiced for me but was reordered as all others fancied it.

Golgappas were served to us filled with aam panna. Yummmy.

Dal Makhani:

Good but not great!

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Paneer Tomato Hara Dhania:

The irony here is that I loved its subtlety which others didn’t care for! So I guess to each their own taste buds are supreme 🙂

Murgh Nawabi :

Universally acknowledged as the best they had ever had !! The umami flavors of tomato, onion n garlic were brought out perfectly by slow cooking the masala. The resulting thick gravy just wrapped itself around every morsel of boneless chicken so lovingly that the flavors had seeped deep into the chicken. I do not remember having an Indian Chicken dish that left me craving so much for more.

Butter Chicken:

Tasted nice but different from what you usually expect. The verdict went 50:50 for this dish.

Chocolate Brownie :

The one I tried was burnt to bitterness. The replacement didn’t cut it for me too. Avoid.

A word about the Lachha Paranthas – beautifully charred n crisped just as specified. Made from wheat instead of maida. Few kitchens sadly get it this right.

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The Service :

So, Informal by Imperfecto was the perfect answer to all my silent prayers that night as it was able to cater well to my entire family. The SERVICE was very courteous and prompt. It does matter that the place was half empty on that Monday night but let me give credit where it’s deserved – every whim n fancy of all was catered to with utmost efficiency and politeness.

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Of late, I’m often left speechless by the appalling service standards but the service here really impressed me. The staff even offered to hold and rock an infant so we could all eat together. Such thoughtfulness is rarely seen!

You deserve nothing less than a 4.6/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.

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GlossyPolish Verdict :

I highly recommend Informal to everyone for any occasion. To the team at Informal: You’re doing great! K eep the spirit up guys!


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