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Tapri Central Jaipur:Tapri was highly recommended as a nice place to chill when we asked around on a recent trip to Jaipur. So, that is where we decided to head.

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Its LOCATED centrally above Surana’s, overlooking the idyllic Prithviraj Gardens, also known colloquially as Central Park. The AMBIENCE has a very pleasing and romantic aesthetic and remains thematically unified. You   get the feel of being in a Tea House at all times, surrounded as you are by   every trinket having a tea connection, you either brew your tea in one or serve it in one. If there’s still any doubt in your head about where you are sitting, the wafting aromas of tea being brewed reminds you of the fact. The vibe this place exudes is extra ordinary – You are surrounded by ceaseless chatter in myriad languages and yet you feel calm and serene. That, my friend, is Tapri for you.

review of the tapri jaipur

Brainchild of Saurabh Bapana and Ankit Bohra, who with MBA degrees under their belt decided to bring a unique and refined Tea House to Jaipur, Tapri Central has quickly become the favourite hangout spot for people of all ages and all backgrounds. You can spend hours here just soaking in the atmosphere, soothing your eyes on the vast expanse of green vistas in front of you or gleefully spot the many splendid buildings nestled in the mesmerizing panoramic view of Jaipur, especially after dusk.

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Another added attraction of this place is that they allow artistes to put up displays of their wares for exhibiting and sale, imparting a very tasteful look to this easy going, laid back place.

The Food:
Tadka Maggi:

This is plain old Maggi, given a facelift as well as a taste lift by adding a garnish of caramelised onions. Novel enough, the caramelized onions are a nice touch that elevates the taste.

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Sev Puri:

Turned out to be a poor cousin of the authentic Mumbai street food. It tasted of nothing in particular, though it did look quite mouth-watering.

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Muska Bun:

At the risk of offending hard core Tapri fans, I must confess that I found it to be very average. If there is a reason why it is a crowd pleaser, I’m sorry I didn’t get it .It was a regular bun with a happy smearing of yellow butter. I only ordered because it came hyped as one of their specialities.

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Sautéed Mushrooms served with Garlic Bread:

I liked the way they let the freshness of the mushrooms take centre stage, without cooking or spicing them too much. The Garlic Bread was delicious, toasted perfectly.

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Red Bull Iced Tea:

I just loved the great tasting, innovative concoction. Must try.

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Masala Chai:

 The Tapri version is different from what I make or have tried elsewhere, but which is likeable anyway.

There were scores of dishes that were beckoning us to try them but we were already stuffed as this outing came post a heavy lunch. It’s rare to come across such savouries as Poha, Masala Oats, Pan cakes, Nutella Toast,Vaada Pav in many avatars, Samosa Bun,Puchkas(golgappas with varied fillings),Jam sandwiches,Khakra Pizza in a restaurant menu. This stuff is comfort food for most of us or a result of experimentation in our home kitchens. This inclusion of common, everyday food in the menu is very refreshing and sets it apart. I have decided to revisit Tapri whenever I’m n Jaipur next.review of the tapri jaipur 2

The Service

Is friendly but needs to perk up. I’m surprised that it’s really slow for a concept driven joint that is Tapri. Improve the service and the ratings would get even better.

Till such a time it’s a 4/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE.
Cost of Meal for Two :

Rs 700

Glossypolish Verdict:

For the ambience, and the range…a good option to explore!!!

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