The University Bistro Review,Vijay Nagar,Delhi

by Movish
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The University Bistro (TUB henceforth)is a cute little cafe on the burgeoning Food Street near North Campus – Hudson Lane. A new place opens up here every fortnight while an old one shuts shop.TUB has opened  up where Sparrows used to be and has taken on a completely new avatar.Unfortunately,the parking woes remain the same.


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The Ambience :

The owners seem to have taken pains to stay true to the University theme.The DECOR is inspired by university life and all that it entails… discussions about politics,news,movies and music are plentiful and the TUB’s walls are done up on these themes.


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Its altogether a pleasing juxtaposition of varied elements …. a guitar ,a toy helicopter, an interesting relief piece of India Gate are all wall mounted and keep pace with amusing posters of caricatures .It seemed as if the walls bore the transcripts of conversations college going youngsters indulge in.


Movilicious Musings The University Bistro Review


The Food :

I can tell you that the  menu has some interesting dishes on offer here.The Sizzlers seemed to be a very popular option with the student guests as someone on every table seemed to be having one.But I chose to ORDER an Arancini,my favorite Italian dish  ,which turned out to be a great choice.I loved the subtle flavors of cheese in these Arborio rice balls served with a delicious Tomato and Cream based sauce. You must try these when you visit.Its not heavy on your tummy at all.


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I also had a Wild Mushroom n Cheesy Corn Pizza. Now the American Corn topping on a slightly sweet tomato based sauce rendered the pizza too sweet for me relish. Everything in the pizza tasted fresh , crunchy and great individually but the flavours did not gel well with each other. My suggestion to TUB is to increase the quantity of mushrooms in this pizza n reduce the amount of corn to half .This will balance out the flavours totally.


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The Caramel Frappe served in a turquoise jar was rich and decadent  but again a tad too sweet for me.One more pinch of coffee would have made it perfect.


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The Service :

The SERVICE was quick n attentive ,there was no room for any complaint here .I will certainly be back to try more of their menu ,I hope by  next time I will not need to request them to tweak their recipes a bit to suit my palate they would get it right after guest feedback.


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This place offers great value for money ,considering the quality of their ingredients is quite good.It is heartening to see a small place not trying to cut costs by compromising on quality ingredients.My entire bill was a mere ₹543/- for two of us which also included a bottle of mineral water.


TUB gets a 3.5/5 on the MOVILICIOUS METRE .


GlossyPolish Verdict :

Go indulge…this seems to be the perfect place to treat your gang of friends or family without burning a hole in your pocket.


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