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Mushroom Sandwich Recipe Indian: Sandwiches are the perfect light meal. You can load them up with veggies and meats of your choice. Add that guilty pleasure of cheese…and they still are healthy. I mean mostly 😛

Of Late, I have developed this whoa liking for mushrooms. It is quite weird actually. I think it has to do with Navs . She has this crazy life long love with Mushrooms and being her  friend and flatmate…I think she has passed it on to me. 😛 Today, I have jotted down a recipe of my favorite fully loaded mushroom – olive -tomato extravaganza. I add a bit of tomato and olives to jazz it up a bit. I f you area vegetarian, you will love this. If you are a non vegetarian…you will still love it 😛 No choice  really,its that simple and yummy! 😉

Fully loaded Mushroom Sandwich Recipe 3

Ingredients you need  for Mushroom Sandwich :
  1. 3 Slices of Bread of choice . I am using a regular sandwich bread here.
  2. Half a cup of freshly grated cheese. Again your choice. I am going with sharp cheddar cheese
  3. A pinch of salt to taste
  4. Chili flakes- adjust hotness as per taste
  5. A quarter tea spoon dried oregano

Fully loaded Mushroom Sandwich Recipe 6

  1. Ketchup or Pizza Sauce- A tablespoon per sandwich
  2. Fresh Button Mushrooms
  3. 2 tablespoons pitted and cut olives “(green or black as per your choice)
  4. A small sized tomato thinly sliced

Fully loaded Mushroom Sandwich Recipe 5

Method of Making Mushroom Sandwich :

I take three slices of bread. Simply because its more filling and it allows me to load more veggies. What I do is , lightly toast the slices first. This way, they will not turn soggy with the filling.

Fully loaded Mushroom Sandwich Recipe 4

Next, I apply a bit of cheese on two slices of bread. The cheese acts as a base and binding agent-besides its obvious yum factor 😛 This prevents the sandwich from turning soggy. Preheat the oven / microwave at convection mode at 250 F.

Fully loaded Mushroom Sandwich Recipe

I load on the mushrooms and olives one one slice of bread.I then apply a bit of tomato basil sauce(feel free to use ketchup ) just add a dash of seasoning of salt, chili flakes and oregano. Top it up with shredded cheese of choice. Cheat a bit on the next slice. Add all the veggies, besides mushroom  that you want, the same seasoning. Just make the cheese content half. Now proceed to pile them on like a double decker!

Fully Loaded Mushroom Sandwich Recipe 7

Next, I bake these sandwiches for 15 minutes at 250 F. This cooks the veggies inside evenly, and crisps up the bread. The cheese has melted into oeey gooey deliciousness…heaven on a plate. Just, just have it all right!!

Fully loaded Mushroom Sandwich Recipe 2

Fully loaded Mushroom Sandwich Recipe 3

Use this an evening snack or as a filling breakfast. You will love it! I am personally going to enjoy this with Neha’s Ginger Mint Chai today  😉

Ginger Mint Chai Recipe 11

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