Must have DENIM Summer Fashion !

by Lipika Tiwari
4 minutes read

Must have DENIM Summer Fashion: Summers are a great time to wear those chic outfits, but definitely incomplete without Denim! With the seventies trends back in fashion, there could not be a better time to flaunt our denim pieces. Plus, the best part about denim is that, no matter how old they are, there is always a place for them in today’s fashion trends. Either wear your brand new denim or just simply wear that old denim as distressed pieces.  Both ways, denim are sure to make you girls look like a total fashion forward chic!

Here are the 3 Must-Have Denim Pieces for summer.

Denim Shirts

Must have DENIM Pieces This Summer 1

Denim shirts are the perfect option for casual outings. These simply look effortlessly cool, no matter how you wear them. These denim shirts come in different shades and can be paired up with almost anything. Pair these up with your jeans for a casual chic look or wear them over your dresses for a completely different look. These days distressed denim are in fashion, so going for one will be a good choice, or you can simply make your own distressed piece by simple DIY work. My personal favorite look is washed out denim shirt over a white V-neck, paired up with black jeans and sneakers.

Must have DENIM Pieces This Summer 2

Image Credit : YSL

Buttoned-Up Denim Skirts

Must have DENIM Pieces This Summer 3

These are possibly the most popular and worn denim piece this summer. These are super effortless and look absolutely chic! These buttoned-up denim skirts are so versatile. You can simply create any style and look with these. Pair them up with a tee and sneakers, and you are ready to rock this casual summer look. Not only are these available in different lengths, but in different shades too, from super washed to dark blue. My personal favorite outfit is buttoned up denim skirt with a cute white cami paired up with shades and heels.

Must have DENIM Pieces This Summer 4

Image Credit : Pinterest

Distressed Denim Shorts

Must have DENIM Pieces This Summer 5

Well, denim shorts can never go out of fashion. Plus, these will remain my all time favorite denim piece. Good old plain denim shorts look good, but these distressed grunge denim shorts are the bomb! I have simply fallen in love with these. These are perfect for an alternative look. Pair them up with any top or a tee and you are ready to rock the summer grunge look. Plus these denim shorts are super comfy. My personal favorite look is distressed denim shorts paired up with a band crop top and boots. Put on some glasses, and you’ll surely look concert bound!

Must have DENIM Pieces This Summer

Image Credit : Marie Claire

So if you still haven’t bought this denim must-haves, then hurry. Don’t wait for next summer to show your casual summer look.

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