Nature’s Essence Gold Illuminating Face Wash Review

by Tanu Shree
3 minutes read

Nature’s Essence Gold Illuminating Face Wash: Having heard fairly good things about the brand, I was excited to try out this face wash from Nature’s Essence. And its contents – all natural – gave the promise of an all-natural experience as well. But Nature’s Essence Gold Illuminating Face Wash turned out to be a…

Nature’s Essence Gold Illuminating Face Wash

Price – Rs. 60 (60 ml)

My Experience with Nature’s Essence Gold Illuminating Face Wash

This face wash came as a free gift with Nature’s Essence Facial Kit my mother had purchased for herself. I was quite excited to try it out, mostly because of the gold sparkles shining through the packaging. I’ve never really used a face wash like that.

When I got to using it, I took a pea-sized amount (out of habit), and it made no lather at all. So I squeezed out some more. It did make the lather  – but a very “creamy” one that I did not really feel like putting on my face. The lather should be foamy, not creamy. Nonetheless, I applied it onto my face and washed it off. And I did not feel a difference at all, in any way. It didn’t feel fresh or cool or anything.

The face washes we use these days (Patanjali and Lakme etc.) have gotten me in the habit of feeling cool after washing my face off. This felt nothing. If you look at its ingredients, they may be all natural, but none of them have soap like cleansing properties. Aloe Vera – for all its wonderful skin care benefits – is not a cleanser.

This is where I felt this face wash from Nature’s Essence lacked. It gets used up way more than a normal face wash, and still doesn’t produce a rich lather. Since it does not clean well, it does feel like it cleaned the skin of impurities. The skin feels the same. So it becomes practically useless – lacking in literally the most basic function it needs to perform.

It does not have a fragrance, and the texture is actually like a regular face wash. But what I need after a long day at the office is too deep cleanse my skin off the impurities. I don’t really care about the fragrance or texture if it does its primary job well.

Overall Performance

I really cannot think of single positive for it. The gold sparkles look pretty – if that means anything to you.

It felt like applying a cream mixed with water – and that is not what you would like your face to feel. It felt as though clogging my pores while in the application. Neither does it clean well, nor does it make you feel fresh or clean.

Overall, I’d recommend you avoid this one from Nature’s Essence entirely. I still have more than half of the pack left and have no intentions of using it. I am less than excited for the facial kit now. Though I will give it a try, at least, independent of my views of the face wash.

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