Nivea Milk Delights Fine Gramflour Face Wash Review

by Pragati
3 minutes read

Who is it for? Nivea Milk Delights Fine Gramflour Face Wash is for people with oily skin who want to remove excess oil from their skin. It contains milk proteins and fine gram flour which will give you healthy looking skin. It also protects the skin’s natural moisture balance and prevents drying out.


INR 165 for 100ml

How to Use?

Shake well before use. Apply gently to wet face and neck and avoid eye contact. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Nivea Milk Delights Fine Gramflour Face Wash

My Experience with Nivea Milk Delights Fine Gramflour Face Wash


It comes in a teardrop shaped white bottle with a flip top cap.

Colour and Texture

The face wash is white in color. It is quite runny, its consistency is like a moisturizer with fine granules in it for scrubbing.


It has a very mild and pleasant fragrance.


Like the majority of Nivea products, I’ve tried before I loved this one as well. This is a very good product for people with oily skin. It removes the excess oil but doesn’t make the skin too dry like a lot of other products tend to do. It has a creamy texture and it makes the skin very soft and smooth. You require a very small amount to work up lather and cleanse the face thoroughly. It has fine granules for scrubbing which helps makes the skin look clean and fresh.

This isn’t relevant to the quality of the product but I have to mention that I love the packaging of this face wash. It’s so cute! It was the packaging which drew my eye to the face wash in the shop so I would give it an extra star just for that.

  1. Very nice packaging
  2. Keeps skin oil free for a long time
  3. Easily portable
  4. A small amount is enough to clean your face
  5. Fine granules present for gentle scrubbing
  1. Contains parabens

Would I recommend it or repurchase it?

This is a good face wash for people with oily skin so I would definitely recommend it. It does contain parabens so people who prefer their cosmetics to be paraben-free might want to skip this one.

Rating- 4/5

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