No 7 Perfect Light Loose Powder Review

by Sreelakshmi Nair
3 minutes read

Who is it for? No 7 Perfect Light Loose Powder is a hypo-allergic powder, suitable for those who wish to keep their skin hydrated and make it look refreshing.

Price and Strips:

INR Rs. 970 for 20 g

How to Use:
  1. Open the black lid and the sealed plastic lid of the product. It consists of a powder puff blender
  2. This powder has to be applied evenly on the skin with the puff blender.
  3. It could be applied on the foundation base or on the moisturized composition in order to keep it intact.

No 7 Perfect Light Loose Powder

My Experience with No 7 Perfect Light Loose Powder


The product is composed in an oval shaped box. It consists of a black lid along with a sealed plastic lid, in order to control the composition of the powder to be applied. The holes on the plastic lid, is present for the easy access of the product to the user.


The product has no prominent fragrance of its own. It smells quite refreshing. With its application on the top of any foundation or moisturizing base, it smells quite pleasant.


Since the time I started using the beauty products, I was always concerned for a proper skin care product for my oily skin. Every day after applying moisturizer, I always found it difficult to mask the oiliness of my skin. But after I started using No7 Perfect Light Loose Powder, the brunt of my oily skin has reduced. I use this product almost daily after moisturizing my skin and the effect stays for at least four hours. Even after four hours, the skin looks refreshed even though not as refreshing as it seemed before.

The powder has a much more long-lasting effect on a foundation base. It gives a gleaming glow on the skin after its application. Whenever I apply it on a foundation base, the composition stays for a longer time unlike the regular days.  As easy as its application, it could be easily removed at the end of the day, just by simple cleansing.

I am now more satisfied with my skin after using this product. Now whenever I go out, I am less worried about my oily skin. The No7 Loose Powder by the BOOTS have different shades of its composition which differs among various skin types.

  1. Easy to use
  2. Long lasting effects
  3. Does not have any side effects like pimples, acne reactions etc
  4. Suitable for oily skin
  5. Can be used by all skin types
  1. Quite pricey
  2. Does not have an enchanting fragrance


Overall this product is fabulous and yes, I would recommend all to buy this product. The product has given me amazing results and quite the satisfaction that I needed. The No7 Perfect Light Loose Powder is one such product by the BOOTS which can be used for all the skin shades and skin types.

Though the product is pricey, the results are quite worthy.



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