Non Surgical Face Lift Facial

by Mallika Dharmani
3 minutes read

Ever heard of fridge facelift?? If you haven’t you will now…it is the best Non Surgical Face Lift – At your Home! For many of you, this might earn a reaction of – what is this??? Others might have this crazy idea that it’s something about popping your face in the refrigerator. Well, it’s none of these. Fridge facelift is a term which stresses on the fact that many of the ingredients found in an anti-wrinkle or anti-aging products can be found In your fridge that can give you a facelift job, as good as the one which the market made creams will. Here are some of the easiest replacements that you’ll find in your fridge.

fridge facelift

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# Yogurt Brightening Mask

 It’s time to pull out that yummy yogurt and spread it all over your pretty little face.

It’s best to go for a full-fat yogurt as it dissolves dead skin, brightens your skin, and also helps you with discoloration.

If you don’t have yogurt go for full-fat curd which will do the pretty much same job

#Apple Cider Vinegar Pores Tightening Mask

This ahh-mazing MASK will just shrink your pores. Mix Apple cider vinegar with some egg white which will tighten the skin. The vinegar will work as a natural exfoliant. Do this if you want to minimize those open pores

# Mayonnaise Eye Cream

 Just like the egg whites shrink your pores and make the skin tight.

Similarly, egg whites will tighten the area around your eyes reducing the puffiness and reducing any early signs of wrinkles.

# Superfood Moisturiser

Have any avocados lying around?? Cut them up mash them and rub the pulp all over your face as you would do to any moisturizer.

This super food has a storehouse of goodness that can do your skin a world of good. Have you suffered any pollution or Sun damage?? It’s great for that too!

These are some of the most amazing anti-aging stuff that you can get from your fridge.

I hope this fridge facelift technique really gives your face the desired lift!

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