NYC Red Suede Lipstick Review

by Neha V
4 minutes read

What is it and who is it for? NYC Red Suede Lipstick is affordable red lipstick that claims to be matte.


$ 1.99

How to Use:

Apply on prepped lips for a velvet matte finish.

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My Experience with NYC Red Suede Lipstick

NYC has a lot of lipsticks to choose from, even varied pinks and reds. Unfortunately, they do not have many mattes. Yes, I was tricked into thinking this is a matte red and the tester looked promising. I liked the color-coded packing too. The lipstick just out of the tube, it does not roll back entirely. Don’t you just hate that!

The lipstick color is a very sophisticated red, but you could also say this is a very common red to own. This has no shimmer but it has that oily slick feel that the oldest Lakme lipsticks used to have to them. I am not confused who named this matte! These are slightly non-glossy, but in no way do they feel matte! It has an oily finish to it if you know what I mean!

The lipstick has a nice pigmentation to it honestly, in one go, it gives you a lovely red. It still does not feel too light or sheer on the lips. Though you would need two swipes of it. It hardly does anything at all for the lip size, moreover it makes lips look tiny, precisely the finish that thin lips could avoid. The color might slightly bleed, a lip liner is recommended.

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The lipstick is not drying at all, it does not settle down too cakey. It feels like an even layer on the lips.

The lipstick transfers and barely lasts 2-3 hours on a regular day, unlike any other matte. This seems like a very regular lipstick and the color is a nice red with maroon tones to it. Apart from the price factor, I don’t think anyone should really crave getting this home. I was hoping for much more.

NYC Expert Last Satin Matte Lip Color Matte Red Suede Review 2

  1. Nice shade of wearable red
  2. Color-coded packaging with relevant names given too.
  3. No shimmer or extreme gloss look to it
  4. Daywear kind of red
  5. Smooth buttery texture
  6. Not cakey
  7. Great for beginners in red family
  8. Affordable
  9. Easily available in the US and UK
  1. The bullet does not roll back entirely
  2. The oily slick finish, I abhor that, like the old Lakme lipsticks!
  3. Not matte like claimed
  4. Nothing great in terms of staying power
  5. Bleeds would be good to wear a base of liner for it.
Would I repurchase and recommend?

This is not the best red you could get honestly; I am a fan of thicker and matte reds. You can get many similar reds if you like the color.

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