Nykaa Grunge Brown Paintstix Review

by Muskaan Sharma
4 minutes read

Who is it for? Nykaa Grunge Brown is for those looking for a chocolate brown lipstick.


Nykaa Paintstix Grunge Brown Review 2

Price online: Rupees 425

My Experience with Nykaa  Grunge Brown Paintstix


The Paintstix comes in a magenta sort of a rectangular box with Nykaa written over it like our entire Paintstix do 🙂

The lip color comes in a darker chocolate color again with Nykaa written over it.


Personally, I love the color. Ever since I saw Shay Mitchell with a similar lipstick, I definitely wanted to try and pull off the look.

The best thing about such a color is that it ensures to go with our wheatish/brownish skin tone and makes you look fearless and flawless attracting all the attention to your lips.

Nykaa Paintstix Grunge Brown Review 4

Texture and scent

One thing I love about this range is that they are smooth to put on. They are the right amount of creamy. It does have a shiny texture and sweet scented smell.

If you think that your lipstick appears to be greasy which normally does happen to lipsticks in summer, keep it in your refrigerator for an hour and voila!

It will regain its original texture bac


The Paintstix has an oily base so there is no need to moisturize your lips before you put it on. Create higher peaks which I always recommend in with darker shades because that’s how you get to have fuller lips. Just draw them out naturally over your natural peaks. If the width of the lipstick is rather broad for you to draw them then go ahead and outline them with a brush and later fill it up with your Paintstix.

It has an average staying power. So if you are not looking for something heavy-duty, you will not be disappointed

The look

Thi.s is one of the looks wear you go bolder and edgier so I highly recommend this look when you go out partying. Trust me and ditch your reds for one night and go ahead this color. Go ahead and make it unconventional by pairing this look up with pleated trousers, white tank top and bed head hair.

You’ll love how you will look and you will love the fact that you look absolutely fearless.

Nykaa Paintstix Grunge Brown Review 6

How to pull it off?

So usually when I wear this lipstick I don’t find the need to apply anything to my skin or perhaps even do any makeup at all. Because this color surely does make a statement so perhaps try and not clutter your face.

But you can surely put on some eye makeup just to jazz the look up a bit if you are off to a party.

Overall performance of Nykaa Paintstix Grunge Brown

I say go ahead and make this purchase because it certainly is worth the money that you pay for it.

You’ll love the way it will compliment your skin tone which I have been emphasizing on during the whole blog. Perhaps a lot of us out there think that this color might just be too dark for our skin tone or will look too over the top.

Would I recommend/repurchase?

I say go for it because I am sure that all your chick friends will be putting on nudes or shades of pink and you will be out there adorning one of the many flawless and edgy looks that you can with this Paintstix.

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Devasmita Nath June 4, 2017 - 12:39 PM

Yes. I love this shade.!

Muskaan Sharma June 4, 2017 - 6:30 PM

I know right 🙂
Love itt

Deepsikha September 9, 2017 - 10:22 AM

This colour is a beauty! :love