Nykaa Skin Secrets Matcha Tea + Chamomile Sheet Mask for Nourished + Hydrated Skin

by Sreeparna Ganguly
5 minutes read

Who is it for? Nykaa Skin Secrets Matcha Tea + Chamomile Sheet Mask for Nourished + Hydrated Skin is an instant moisture-boosting and energizing face mask for dull skin.


Rs.100 for 20ml (1 Sheet)

Sensitive Skin Alert?


My Experience with Nykaa Skin Secrets Matcha Tea + Chamomile Sheet Mask for Nourished + Hydrated Skin


The mask comes in a white plastic pouch packaging. Bright green images of matcha tea with chamomile flowers are used as label graphics. The packaging is very hygienic, leak-proof, and travel-friendly. The sheet inside is made up of wood pulp so it is biodegradable.

Colour & Texture

The mask sheet is of white in color and made up of very thin cotton-like material. It is soaked in colorless serum. The serum has moderate consistency which is slightly thicker than water and non-greasy. The mask fits perfectly on my face and the serum feels comfortable.


This mask has a faint fragrance of raw sun-dried tea leaves. The smell is very similar to freshly plucked tea leaves from tea gardens. It also has a light floral fragrance. The smell does not last at all after the sheet is removed.

Ease of Application

This is a one-time-use product. You just need to cut the outer pack, take out the folded mask, and spread it evenly over the face and that completes the application. Detailed pictorial instructions are provided for beginners.


This is a simple hydrating mask. It makes no other claim than energizing dull skin and it certainly does so. It gives an ample amount of moisture and makes the face look radiant and healthy.

My Experience

I never tried matcha tea or any kind of tea as I don’t drink tea. But I have used masks with tea from various brands. The face shop mask has green and white tea masks and both of them smell like fresh tea brew. This one performs almost similar to those Face Shop masks though it smells like raw tea leaves I once smelt from tea gardens at Darjeeling. This is a relaxing mask. I used it chilled so the rejuvenating effect was far better than room temperature masks. This way it gave a slight pore-shrinking effect as well.

Overall Performance of Nykaa Skin Secrets Matcha Tea + Chamomile Sheet Mask for Nourished + Hydrated Skin

  1. Relaxing face mask with, hyaluronic acid, chamomile, and matcha tea extract
  2. Gives a healthy glow to the skin and rejuvenates tired skin
  3. Instantly moisturizes dry skin
  4. Gives a temporary plumping effect
  5. The sheet is thin and comfortable
  6. Slight pore shrinking effect if used chilled
  7. Paraben-free formula
  1. The effect does not last long
  2. Contains alcohol

Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

This is a lightweight mask sheet that I would recommend to all skin type people. I would repurchase this variant as it is non-greasy and does not have tea brew smell.


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